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Feedback for Lillie

Apr 3, 2008

    1. Lillie commissioned me to do face ups on her MG Ryu & Miho. She was wonderful to work with - very friendly, prompt PM replies and quick payment. :) Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    2. Lillie recently purchased a MSD t-shirt and everything went wonderfully smoothly! :)

      Super quick payment and PMs.

      Thanks! :)
    3. Awww thanx Lilie! ;)
      Lillie is fast at both communicating and sending the payment ;) It was a very smooth transaction! And I hope you'll like the clothes :D
    4. Lillie recently commissioned me to do 2 faceups! Great communication and fast payment! Thank you so much, dearie~
    5. Sold some items to Lillie and she paid very promptly and kept communication with me throughout the transaction.
      Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction :)
    6. Lillie commissioned me once again for a face up. She's as easy to work with as always! Thanks so much!
    7. Lillie adopted my LittleFee Shiwoo from me, she paid super quick and was a great buyer! Enjoy your little boy. Thanks so much.

      DMM :kitty2
    8. Yet another transaction with Lillie and as always, she's super friendly, prompt with payment and just a lovely person to do business with~ :aheartbea
    9. Lillie purchased a Volks outfit from me a while back and everything went smoothly, very fast with payment, thank you so much. (And sorry for the belated feedback ><)
    10. Super awesome transaction! Lillie sold me an outfit for my MSD, and even sent a super cute keychain! <3 thanks so much for looking into a decent shipping rate and getting it out quickly~
    11. I sold a wig to Lillie, we have good communication and she made fast payment, Lillieis a nice buyer! Thank you!
    12. Sold a couple shirt to Lillie, and payment was very prompt, and communication friendly and fast - letting me know when the shirts arrived --- just in the nick of Halloween time! :dance
      Would not hesitate to deal with again some time! Thanks!!
    13. Lillie bought a MNF Woosoo :) She paid quickly, was very friendly, and was quick to reply to my PMs! ^ ^ I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! Thanks for a smooth transaction!
    14. I sold a wig and eyes to Lillie. The payment was fast and communication was great. She also let me know when the item arrived. thank you!
    15. Lillie bought a sadol vest from me and it was a really pleasant transaction! She paid fast, and replies were quick. Thank you so much! :)
    16. Lille purchased a DOC H. Kirill from me. The transaction was swift and pleasant and she let me know what that he made it there safe and sound. Great buyer, would love to work with again :)
    17. Lillie bought wig and shoes from me. Good communication, fast payment, everything was nice :) Thanks again!!
    18. Lillie bought a leather set from me and she is a really nice buyer =D. She paid quickly and everything was fantastic ^v^
      Thank you so much =D
    19. Lillie bought a wig from me. Everything went smoothly and she let me know when it arrived. Thanks :)!
    20. Item(s): Faceup commission
      Date of transaction: January 2011

      Trish commissioned me for a faceup for her Migidoll Miho. She was very patient, given how we were affected by the extraordinary circumstances Brisbane was in during the floods. Communications were swift and it was a smooth transaction. Thank you very much for your patronage! :)