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Feedback for Lilly.Hatake =(^-^)=

Aug 30, 2007

    1. I might be needing this in the future. So here it is...:abambi:
      Thank you!:)
    2. lilly.hatake brought a pair of boots from me. Fast and smooth transaction! Thanks!
    3. Lilly bought a set of SD sized clothes from me. Very smooth transaction. A pleasure to deal with and very nice.
    4. lilly.hatake purchase a pair of red glass eyes from me, she was perfect to deal with! prompt and friendly! Thanks a lot!
    5. lilly.hatake commissioned me for a face up on one of her dolls. She was very nice to work with, clear with what she wanted, and was in good contact. Thanks!

    6. Feedback coming a little bit late, but...

      lilly.hatake joined a group order I ran for a DIM MNM Hitsugi. Was a great participant! Payments came promptly and communication went smoothly! Thank you! <3
    7. [SIZE="-10"] Lilly.Hatake was a participant in my very first LUTS group order and everything went wonderfully, which is something that I surely know how to appreciate. :lol: Payments were prompt, good communication was kept up on her end and she was an all around pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.

      :clover Thank you so much for being such a great participant. :clover
    8. lilly.hatake participated in a group order for a Mana DIM Minimee, pleasure to do business with!
    9. Just wanted to throw in my two cents for Lilly-chan, who participated in the Mana GO I ran with eva_tsukino... we had a great time and Lilly-chan was awesome in all ways. Thanks for making it a good experience!
    10. Lilly.Hatake was part of my Musedoll GO and everything went very smoothly. Thanks again for joining. :]
    11. Purchased a few items from me, great communication ! She's very friendly and wonderful to deal with ^^
    12. I sold a Lu-Wen head to lilly.hatake. Communication was great, lovely person to deal with. :)
    13. lilly.hatake bought a Soom Sabik from me. She respected the final payment date and was very nice and polite! Pleasure to do business with!