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Feedback for LillyKitten

Jun 20, 2009

    1. Feedback for all my transactions; Art, dressmaking, blushing, face-ups and also my addiction to buying things from the wonderful people on the maketplace!

      :aheartbea Lilly
    2. Lilykitten brought an ED Catsy from me. She is a lovely buyer. Very polite and friendly in communication. Extremely prompt in payment. Overall the transaction was smooth and hassle free. I would be happy to do business with her again. Sell to her with the utmost confidence. Thanks Lilykitten. :D
    3. I just sold an AS Andrea head to Lilykitten and she is a wonderful buyer! She is very friendly and replies to PMs extremely quickly, plus the payment was prompt. The transaction couldn't be any better and I'll definitely recommend her for any transactions.

      Thanks again!
    4. LilyKitten and I arranged a trade from the Iplehouse Lucky Bag swap thread. She was a joy to deal with, very prompt and friendly in answering PMs, and the outfit was shipped out quickly. I'd be delighted to swap or buy/sell with her again! :fangirl:
    5. LillyKitten bought a MNF Shushu head from me.
      She paid quickly and was a pleasure to do business with! LillyKitten replied to all pms quickly and was just great!

      Thanks so much!
    6. LillyKitten bought some jewellery from me.
      Everything was smooth and perfect.
      Thank you again <3
    7. I sold a Lishe head to LillyKitten, and it was a very smooth transaction.
      Payment was fast, and communication was very pleasant.
      A pleasure to deal with ^_^ ! Thank you again, LillyKitten.
    8. LillyKitten purchased few pocket watches and a compass from me.
      Fast payment, good communication - that's all I need ^^
      Thank you for a pleasant transaction!
    9. Sold a JollyPlus body to. She was very friendly, quick and a very easy person to work with. I would happily have transactions with her in the future :).
    10. I sold a pair of littlefee hands to natalie, she paid straightaway and let me know once they'd arrived.
      She was a pleasure to deal with, thank you so much! :)
    11. Great transaction with LillyKitten who purchased some eyes from me. Payment was fast and communication was good. A perfect buyer. Thanks!
    12. I commissioned a dress from LillyKitten- she made her own pattern for it and sewed it using fabric I sent her and it came out beautifully! It fits perfectly and is exactly what I wanted! I would do any kind of business with her again in a heartbeat!
    13. LillyKitten bought a Cloud head from me and everything went perfect. Quick to pay, good with communication. Pleasure to deal with!
    14. I sold a CP Vamp Shiwoo head to LillyKitten and the whole transaction went very well!~ She was very sweet throughout and paid promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. :)
    15. LillyKitten bought a B-line MNF body from me. The whole transaction was a wonderful experience! I would love to work with her again!
    16. XD Oh, forgot to post...sold a MNF Vamp shiwoo head to LillyKitten, she was easy to communicate with.
      payed fast and an all-around-pleasure to deal with :3 ...would do business with her again if given the chance :)
    17. LillyKitten bought LTF shiwoo girl. Pleasant deal with her.
      Highly recommanded^^.
    18. LillyKitten bought a tan Shiwoo from me on layaway. Great communicaton and fast payment. I would do business with her again.
    19. [FONT=&quot]LillyKitten participated in the Den of Angels 6th Anniversary Swap. Unfortunately, she did not send a gift to her swap partner, and therefore must receive flakey feedback.
    20. I just had a perfect transaction with, LillyKitten who bought a pukifee body from me. Great communication, swift payment, and a pleasure to deal with. I would love to work with again.

      Thank you so much!