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feedback for lilmissmaya

Aug 3, 2006

    1. stuff to be posted later >.>
    2. I recently recieved my white sweet lolita kimono for Miranda from lilmissmaya's Kimono Shop and I could not be happier with my purchase! The kimono is just stunning and fits my girl like a glove. Her work is professional and she's just a great person to deal with. She is responsive and shipping & handling was reasonably priced and very prompt!

      I highly recommend lilmissmaya's kimono shop, and I really hope to do business with her in the future.
    3. I'm *very* happy with the haori I bought from lilmissmaya! The fabric and sewing are both high-quality, and she was great to deal with--clear, fast communication and fast shipping, too. :)
    4. lilmissmaya made my DoC Kirill Salo a custom kimono. He looks amazing in it! I'd recommend her to anyone, and likely will commission her again. :)
    5. People who have bought from me (and were excellent ^_^)

      kimie- bought a purple set from me, paid promptly

      unedie- commissioned a kimono, very sweet and easy to communicate with

      tartlet- very easy to work with, paid promptly.

      fishmemory - also easy to work with ^_^

      cynthia in flinthills - paid promptly!!

      p^th3T!k~grrr1 - paid VERY promptly!

      aaaand, I think that's everyone that's bought or commissioned me.
    6. miztyl- very patient ^_^

      uniede- still a great person to sell to!

      AerynAerie- quick payment!

      otokke- NEVER paid me for her commission and hasn't contacted me after repeated PMs. XP make sure she pays first.
    7. lilmissmaya is an awesome to deal with! Very friendly and responsive. I absolutely love the readymade kimono I purchased from her, its so gorgeous and well made. I will definitely comission a kimono once I get my second doll :)
    8. alright, update on otokke.
      after claiming she never recived one of my several PMs, she says she wants the haori. I remind her of the price we agreed on earlier, she sees a lower price in one of my threads, and demands I sell it for the lower price. since this wasn't the price we originally agreed on, I tell her that won't work and she doesn't seem to get it. -_- I havn't slept well in two days, I'm exhuasted, I have quite a few more commissions to finish up and worrying about not having the fabric. I'm so NOT in the mood to deal with this, so I'm ending the deal completely.
      she can say that I'm being unreasonable and rude about this, but good heavens, we agreed on a price already, just pay me damnit.
    9. I got my kimono today for my AR Lilica and it's amazing!!!

      Thank you so much Lilmissmaya!!!!

      Pictures to come asap.
    10. I received shoes and wings, and they are wonderful! Thank you so much. A++++