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Feedback for lilpeacey

Mar 31, 2010

    1. Starting up some sales, so I'm starting a feedback thread too~
      If at any time I can't be reached for some reason, you can email me at lilpeacey@hotmail.com.
      Hopefully there won't ever be a problem though. c:
    2. great transaction with lilpeacey. i bought a little plush doll. she made it and shipped it very quickly and she was really nice to deal with. the plushie is really nice :3
      thank you! :aheartbea
    3. Awesome transaction with Lilpeacy!
      The products are just as perfect as the pictures!
      Very helpful and super sweet!
      Recommend 100!%
    4. lilpeacy bought a MSD hoodie from me, and the transaction couldn't have gone better! Great sale with a wonderful person! Highly recommended!!!
    5. I am very pleased. I especially like the mango chew she sent me with the hat. om nom nom! RAWR!!!
    6. I bought two kitty hats, two pillows, and a custom plushie from lilpeacey. They are so cute and well made, and came very quickly! She also gave me some candy. lol
      Id totally recommend her! ^^
    7. I bought a Kitty hat and a pillow.
      The items are really cute and well made, and she always answers right away.
      I'd recommend her :D
    8. I commissioned a couple cathats and bought a catpillow from lilpeacey. She was quick to respond to my questions, was great to work with, even helped to design a special cat-hat just for me! She was fabulous, shipped them right out, they arrived the very next day, and has been just an overall delight to work with. I found that I just enjoyed the entire experience with her!
    9. I had her custom make some pellows~
      They were made and shiped fast and they are as cute as cute can be...
      I recomend her 100% ^-^
    10. Great transaction.
      I purchased a pre-made hat.
      It's very cute and was shipped the same day I made payment.
    11. I did a partial trade lilpeacey.

      I am very please with this transaction.
      lilpeacey is a very good customizer and I definitely plan on getting many more plushes in the future.
      I sent a drawing of what I wanted and got exactly what I wanted.
      I was so thrilled and my fiancée was also so impressed that we had to get her one, too!
      Again, a drawing was sent and the plush was spot on!
      We have already planned out at least three more that we want to get in the future and I know that I will not be disappointed.

      lilpeacey has great communication and is clear with what going to be done.
      Shipping was fast, on time, and the packaging was secure.
      The plushes are very sturdy, cuddly, and they are perfect for our boys!

      I, for sure, am to do business with lilpeacey again... and very fairly soon, I'm sure.

      Thank You
    12. lilpeacey just bought a pair of Volks metallic eyes from me, and it was a great transaction! Lilpeacey communicated very clearly, paid immediately, and was nice enough to let me know that the eyes arrived safely. It was really a pleasure to do business with her. :aheartbea
    13. Thanks to everyone for posting! I really appreciate all the kind words. c:

      (By the way, if any of you are curious what my shirt says in the picture XBlackxRainbowx linked to, it says "When I die, I'm going to heaven because I've already been to North Dakota"
      I have never been to North Dakota.
      But that shirt is an awesome color.)
    14. KIYA! lilpeacey was sooooo great! my paypal was giving me ALOT of trouble while i was doing a transaction with her, she was so nice about it! T^T the plushy, hat, and pillow i bought where sooooo cute and well made! and she through in TONS of extras! it was awsome buying from her and i will DEFINATLY buy from her again! THANKS SOOOO MUCH! ERIN WILL LOVE HER LITTLE BUNNY! i really appreciate it!
    15. Did a trade with lilpeacey. She was great! would definitely do business with her again.
    16. I commissioned a kitty and a WoW Voidwalker from lilpeacey, and she was such a doll to work with!! <3 They arrived today and they are amazing. :D Very well made, and the voidwalker is just completely made of win. =^i^= I'll definitely be commissioning from her again! Highly recommended. :)