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Feedback for Lilth

Oct 3, 2007

    1. Hiho! :)

      Since my first trade is finished I would like to give my trade-partners the opportunity to leave comments and feedback.
    2. I just had a perfect transaction with Lilth:) She bought my CP bw mature female body. Prompt payment and great communication:) Thank you very much:)
    3. I just had a great transaction with Lilth too - she bought Silf and was wonderful to deal with - great person to work with!
    4. I've just made a transaction (a split) with Lilth. All was perfect ! prompt payment and nice communication ! All was perfect !
    5. Lilth just purchased an outfit from me. Through out the transaction, Lilth is friendly, responsive to pms and fast payment. And, Lilth kept me informed when the package was arrived.

      Thank you very much :), Lilth, for the smooth transaction.
    6. Lilth adopted my little Pury... she is an excellent buyer, fiendly responsive and fast payment!

      Thank you very much to give Puty another loving home!
    7. ( omg I wrote wrong "friendly and "pury".... editing forbidden in feedback topics :( )
    8. Lilith adopted a DiM Benetia from me. She was great to deal with, very nice, communicated well and paid promptly. I highly recommend her to all. Thank you.
    9. sold a lati yellow lea to lilth. she was very nice to communicate. she paid faster then what she promised. i'm very happy that lea has found a good home. it's really a pleasant transaction with her. thank you^ ^
    10. Lilith bought a MNF body off of me. She was really friendly to me and sent the payment promptly. A really good transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Lilith again :)
    11. Lilith bought a HK Elf Miel from me, she is prompt and very patient with the whole transaction. Pleasant buyer and thank you for a smooth transaction.
    12. I did a Fairyland split with Lilith. she paid and responded very quickly. Very happy all around!
    13. Lilith got a Lati plushie from me and was very easy to deal with - prompt responses and payment! I would definitely deal with her again.:)
    14. I sold Lilth a Rosen Lied limited dress set and I couldn't sing her praises any more then I already do:D

      She was responsible & reliable but most of all amazingly sweet and understanding:aheartbea:chibi:aheartbea... I can only hope we do business again in the future;)
      :thumbup:thumbup For an amazing transaction:)
    15. I did an awesome trade with Lilth! We traded Lati yellow heads and I can fully recommend her as a reliable and honest trader. Thanks so much, dear!!
    16. Lilth bough a Soom Haidi from me in a very easy transaction! She was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as she arrived. Very nice girl!
    17. Lilth/Sandra bought a custom Lati yellow Miel from me. Communication was easy and payment fast. A great buyer! I will definitely recommend her!
      Take good care of my little vampire <3
    18. I have sold a Lati Doll Yellow Bloody Moon Version Miel to Lilth. It was a smooth transaction, fast payment and timely communication! I highly recommend Lilth! Thanks again :D
    19. Lilth is a really responsible and patient buyer!
      Prompt Payment and Excellent Communication!
      Thank you so much for the super smooth and fast transaction! :aheartbea
    20. Lilth bought me a doll. The transaction was perfect!!
      Thanks a lot, hun!