Feedback for lilyindollyland

Nov 6, 2017

    1. Hello! This is the feedback thread for @lilyindollyland . Please leave your feedback here if we have done business together.

      Thank you very much.

    2. lilyindollyland is the best buyer I've ever met. I sold a DZ body to her. She was so nice and understanding when I can not ship the body promptly. And during the long waiting for shipment, she've never complained and laways showed her patience and kindness to me. I feel really sorry that the package arrived in a bad shap and the body got some damage. She didn't blame me and decided to solve the problem herself. I’m really moved. It was so pleasure to deal with lilyindollyland and I won't be hesitate to deal with her again. Highly commend~!
    3. I've sold a DC Stacy to lilyindollyland and she was lovely to deal with. She's been very friendly and polite, she asked for a short layaway and paid it off quickly. I highly recommend her as a buyer and I will be happy to work with her again! Thank you! :3nodding:
    4. i had lovely transaction with miss lily! i sold her a merrydollround fang head after chancing upon her WTB thread. she was very quick in her replies and was incredibly friendly! she was also super understanding of the high shipping fees to her, so i appreciate that very much. everything went smoothly and i also made a new friend in the process! would recommend as a buyer! thank you so much. <3
    5. I just received a 5th Motif Goohwa head from lilyindollyland. It's perfect! I had a layaway with her and she was just great!! Communication was prompt and kind. I would recommend this seller and definitely do business with her again! Thank you :).
    6. I bought a dollshe body from lilyindollyland and she was a delight to work with! Prompt with messages and proactive at communicating--even when DoA was being buggy!! I would happily buy from her again, and highly recommend her as a seller!
    7. lilyindollland purchased a DIM Benetia head from me in November of 2019. We agreed to a short layaway, and payment was made exactly as promised. I had a small delay in shipping the head out for personal reasons, and buyer was patient and understanding. Was kind enough to update me when the package arrived, and overall a very good transaction. I would gladly sell to them again!
    8. I purchased some shoes and some cloth for Liluindollland. Very gentle and sweet. Quick transaction, and i receive it very quick too.
      I recommend ! I will gladly buy from them again ! :blush:hug:
    9. I bought a souldoll vito terry head from lilyindollland. She is lovely to interact with and prompt at communicating each step of the way. He arrived safely packaged with a couple cute freebies. A lovely person to deal with and I'd happily buy from her again!
    10. Positive! Bought an Element Doll Pitt G head (OB normal) on a long-legged girl Akagidoll body (OB normal) from lillyindollland. Fast transaction and excellent communication, thurough seller who is mindful to make sure their buyer is aware. Highly recommended!