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Feedback for linakauno

May 15, 2006

    1. linakauno is brilliant! She puts up with oddball buyers like me who spazz and flutter around things all weird, never loses her polite and kind touch, is patient and delivers exactly what she promises, with good secure packaging, fast shipping and generally excellent salesperson skills.

      I'd recommend her to anyone! Thanks a bunch~

    2. Hey! Back at you; that is very sweet feedback. ~~Lin
    3. linakauno was an amazing seller! Not only was she prompt to repl and fast to ship but she was very patient with my payment :) I Love my V1 hound from her!
    4. I just sold a Cory head to linakauno and she paid really quickly and was a wonderful person to deal with! A++++
    5. Linakauno is wonderful! I just brought a face plate from her, and the communication was perfect. The piece arrived beautifully packaged and in less then a week! Very fast shipping.

      I can highly recommend good transactions with Linakauno!
    6. Very good seller, fast shipping, hightly recommended ^^
      Thansk again
    7. Hi!!!!!

      Linakauno bought me a dollzone body. And paid me very fast, I'm very happy of people like her. ^^

      I assure she's a great buyer, and has totally POSITIVE feedback frome me.

      Thank you very much!!!! :)
    8. I bought a head from Lin and she is an angel to do business with. Lin, I cannot thank you enough for making my dream doll possible. I think of your generosity often and from the depths of my heart, I thank you every day.
    9. I would like to recommend Lin wholeheartedly, she is a very kind and helpful seller.
      I bought a head from her and she kept me well informed of the shipping date, tracking number, and even sent a photo of my head on a body!
      The head arrived quickly and safely, extremely well-packaged.
      I would definitely buy from Lin again. Many thanks Lin.
    10. I bought a head from Lin and she is wonderful to do business with. Thank you so much. I would definitely buy from her again.
    11. Another thumbs up from me! Very professional and great to work with. I bought a DDII body from her and it was as lovingly wrapped and shipped as if it had been a $1K rare resin doll... It's in lovely condition and came ready to use with my loose head.

      (well, not MY loose head, a loose doll head, don't you know... )

      Excellent seller!
    12. I am thrilled with my transaction with Lin! I bought a hard to find Elfdoll - Sylph from her and she couldn't have been sweeter. The doll arrived in a timely manner, was exactly as described (with a surprise extra headcap) and was very securely packed!

      She is a lovely person to do business with!
    13. Lin purchased a Belladonna head from me and everything went smoothly. I would recommend her to everyone. She paid fast always a plus and didn't back out ** 2 stars!!
      Thanks Lin
    14. Lin participated in my Alan Rickman Minimee GO and everything went beautifully--payments and communication were timely and she's very friendly. Thank you for a great transaction.
    15. linakauno bought a dollfie dream body from me and was great to deal with - a wonderful transaction.
    16. linakauno joined my recent Dollmore group order. Communication was great and payments were prompt! Thanks for joining the order!
    17. Just finished a very pleasant transaction with linakauno.
      Thank you so very much!!
    18. linakauno participated in a Minimee GO I hosted. Her payments were prompt and the communication was excellent.

      I would welcome any transaction with her!
    19. I bought a mini-Riz from Lin, and the whole transaction was perfect. Great communication, the doll arrived super-fast and was in pristine shape. Highly recommended!
    20. linakauno bought a dollmore MSD outfit from me. It was a flawless transaction, and she let me know as soon as it arrived. :) Highly recommended! :D