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FeedBack for Linnyp *^-^*

Aug 7, 2006

    1. heya,

      since i've started to do Face-ups i thought it best i collect feedbacks and here's the best place to do it ^-^

      thankyou so much :D
    2. Linnyp's face-ups are amazing:)

      I have had one of my dolls repainted by her but more will go to her spa in the future.:D
      She asks before painting and checks before sealing-what more could you ask for?

      Brilliant just brilliant!
    3. I highly recommend linnyp's faceups to anyone looking for someone who's both affordable and talented. She's a pleasure to deal with, keeps you updated on the progress and makes sure everything is as you want it before sealing.

      I'll be sending all future dolls to her for face-ups without hesitation.
    4. i love linnyp's face ups she has done 3 of my dolls and they all look fantastic i am so pleased with all the hard work and effort she has put into them :D they look great. when ever i get another doll i know i am just going to go to linnyp to do its face-up for me because she does them so well :lol: :D :daisy linnyp always makes sure i am pleased with the face she has done before handing my dolls back to me but she does that good of a job that i never have any complaints or want any changes to them i look forward to seeing all the different face-ups she does for other people :D
    5. Linny is so amazing :D she lovely and will always try and get the faceup right for me, i've also recived outfits from her (traded Asha+extra's for some outfits and some other stuff) and they really good :D (cant wait to get them all :P) also recived custom made wig/s and they're also amazing :P, she's also bought from me and she's an amazing and easy to deal with customer :), also can be trusted with trading ^^
    6. Linny just bought a doll from me. She's a great buyer, very polite and sweet, kept contact through the whole process and paid without delays. Totally reliable and great person to deal with! :)
    7. i totally recommend Linny's faceup's she has just done my Leroi and he looks amazing, exactly what I wanted. She checked at every stage and sent pics and did everything to get it just right, brilliant! Thank you so much.xx
    8. Just sold an outfit to Linnyp, and she was a great person to do business with. ^_^ Highly recommended. <3
    9. Lynette is a very talented girl, she re-strung my Madison, who arrived safe and sound and she's standing up no probs! No more kicky legs for her :lol:

      Thank you Lynette I can't wait to send you something next for a faceup :)
      Trustworthy and honest :fangirl:
    10. I bought a 60cm Narae on ebay, she came with a particularly severe and unattractive face-up.
      I had intended to purchase an optional head from Narindoll and have it professionally painted.
      Then I saw the impressive pictures of Linnyp's work on other peoples dolls, I decided to take a chance and ask her to paint my doll's face.

      The result was absolutely AMAZING.

      I cannot recommend Linnyp's work highly enough, - at every stage she sent me pictures to ensure that the face-up was to my liking. And oh boy, WAS IT !!!!!!
      The eyebrows are magnificent, and I do believe that eyebrows are important, they give a face character, and they are one of the most difficult things to get just right.
      The lips are beautiful, they look soft & plump.
      The eyes are gentle and expressive with a minimum of paint just in the right places.
      The blushing is superb, subtle and effective, even her ears were blushed!!

      Talented and highly professional, I would recommend Linnyp to everyone without hesitation, and I will definitely be using her services again in the future.

      Thank you Linnyp for a wonderful job.
      I'll be putting pictures up in the gallery for all to see.
    11. Linny did an awsome job on my NaNuRi head! I love him!!

      She also fixed a chip on Mikos's face-up. Both my boys look perfect now!
    12. Linnyp is GREAT!:D

      We traded dolls and everything went perfectly smooth!
      I would recommend Linnyp to anyone!!!:aheartbea

      PS-Her faceups are beautiful, too!:love
    13. Deal with Linnyp is perfect! ^___^ she is very nice, great communication, fast payment: wonderful ^__^/
    14. Linnyp is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone! She did a faceup for me on my SD13 Syo, and I have to say I was just blown away. The pictures in her thread really don't do her talents justice!

      I'm so thankfull to her for making my boy look exactly how I wanted! :D
    15. Linnyp is a great person to do transactions with! Bought Huggables from me, and paid in time and everything. Great buyer!
    16. Nothing but praise for Linnyp. She gave me exactly the type of face-up I wanted and she's completely honest and really nice and friendly to deal with. n__n
    17. Absolute pleasure to deal with.

      Obviously when you have a doll, theres a feeling of 'I'm scared about sending it out to someone I don't know...' and I definately had that thought. I can guarantee this woman is 100% trustworthy and she looks after the doll like it was her own.

      She started work on it ASAP, making sure to check what I wanted during the period. I recieved photos and updates which helped reassure me!

      Her makeup is PURE AWESOME. I mean I'd messed up on my dolls face big time but she cleaned her entirely and gave her beautiful natural makeup. Her eyelashes and eyebrows look professional, you would think they were already on there :fangirl:

      I definately would recommend this woman to any of you wanting things done on your doll. Shes a super asset to this community and is beyond talented at what she does.
    18. Many thanks for the *Fab * job you did on my Petite Ai Raphael!

      Subtle was what was needed and exactly what I got - Thanks!

      (FanTom is my partner's login as I'm not registered on DoA)
    19. I Sold a head to Linnyp, she is fantastic!! *__*

      She payed qhen she said she will :daisy

      Very kind!! *______* :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    20. Linny has done another amazing faceup for my girls, I love her work very much. Sometimes its so hard to explain the kind of faceup you want but she always listens carefully and delivers EXACTLY the faceup you had in mind! I will not hesitate to come back to her again and again and again....:)