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Feedback for: Linoviel

May 23, 2007

    1. Please post your feedback for Linoviel here!

      I'll start: She bought a hoody from me, and she paid very quickly. Was really nice to deal with. Thanks so much!:fangirl:
    2. I just bought a Senior Delf from Linoviel. What a GREAT transaction! First she held him for a long time for me, the commincation was excellent, shipped him out quickly. And when we had a little shipping hiccup and couldn't locate the package she was right on top of it, calling and helping me track down the package, even though it was no fault of hers. She communicated with the entire time and kept me updated to the minute! But he showed up and everything is 100%. A great transaction!

      Thank you so much!
    3. I bought a CP girl body to Linoviel. It's a good transaction, very nice and shipped out very quickly! Thanks for all :)
    4. I (or my non-DoA friend, actually) bought a senior delf Annette from her. Some fuss with her shipping but those things just happen sometimes, so totally not a big deal.

      Linoviel was very kind and polite as well as helpful. She answered very quickly and was easy to communicate with. Thanks a lot :)
    5. I bought a Narsha doll from Linoviel. Lovely transaction.