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Feedback for Lintila

Oct 4, 2011

    1. Whoops, realized I needed one of these. :)
    2. Lintila purchased my Iplehouse Chimera Luna. she paid right away! Had excellent communication. i would recommend buying or selling to her. :)
    3. I sold Opal dress from CHOCO to Lintila Good commication and fast payment. Highly reccommed!:aheartbea
    4. Lintila participated in my Iplehouse group order. Quick payments and really friendly to deal with. Thank you again!
    5. Lintila purchased the Soom Topaz I had for sale. She paid promptly and her communication was wonderful! I can tell Topaz is in excellent hands! I would happily do business with Lintila again! :)
    6. Lintila commissioned me for a super gem outfit ^^ She has been very nice in her mail, let me free enough to create something special for her, sent the payment very quickly and a message to let me know when she recieved the outfit (with pics of the outfit worn by her doll !). It was perfect, thank you very much ^^
    7. Lintila was one of the members in my recent Iple GO, and she was awesome to work with! Paid all invoices promptly, had excellent communication...would love to work with her again :)
    8. I answered Lintila's WTB in the marketplace -- and I'm really glad I did. She was wonderfully easy to talk to, and I'm glad the doll I couldn't connect to is going to be in such good hands :) Lintila is one of the nicest people I've dealt with, as either a buyer or a seller, and I would gladly do business with her again :) thank you :) :) :)
    9. Lintila is great buyer! >_<// she ordered violin from me. I have no problem to communicate with her, she replied me fast.
      I would really loveee to do some business again with her in the future.
      Thanks dear <3
    10. Lintila was apart of my soom sweet witch split. Wonderful, fast payment, communicative, and very friendly! Let me know when the items arrived too! Thank you!
    11. I commissioned a faceup from Lintila, and everything was perfect! She worked quickly, and even told me when the head got to her! I would happily commission her again (actually, I plan to!)
    12. Lintila purchased DZ Anson from me, and it was a great transaction. =)
      The communication was fast and nice, she paid right away and notified me that everything is fine as soon as she received her.
      I'll be happy to deal with her again. =D
    13. Lintila participated in my SOOM GO and was a very patient and wonderful participant! She paid promptly and communicated well. Despite the long wait from SOOM she was very patient and let me know when she received her items. Thank you so much for enduring! :hug: