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Feedback for Linyaree

Feb 8, 2010

    1. I didn't find any for Linyaree so I will make a thread and start. :)

      Linyaree bought some eyes from me. Pleasant and smooth transaction. Thank-you! :)
    2. Linyaree bought a AoD Chi head from me!

      She was very kind and understanding when I forgot to put the headcap in with the package, and waited very patiently for it to arrive to her!

      Simply lovely, and a pleasure to deal with! Thanks again for being so nice and understanding!!!
    3. Linyaree bought a Camellia Dynasty Long Ago MSD from me. She was very nice to work with, paid promptly, and I know this boy is going to have a great new home!
    4. Linyaree purchused a Pukisha NS Set from me on March 18th and the transaction went flawlessly. She paid prompts in the time she said she would, and was very pleasant in communications. :) Great transaction! Thank you!
    5. Sold my LUTS-SENIOR DELF Eveline head to Linyaree, payment made as promised, let me know that the head arrived safely in her home. Just a wonderful transaction, thanks so much. ;)
    6. Linyaree bought my CH Limited Edition - Apple Cinnamon Coco. :3 The entire transaction was absolutely lovely; she paid promptly, was great in communication, and was always friendly. I know Coco is in a good home now! Thank you so much! :D
    7. Excellent buyer, paid on time, and kept in touch at all times! Would definitly sell to this person again!
      Thanks, hope you enjoy the Soom Beyla R. Head and Hooves!
    8. Linyaree bought a pair of Glot hooves from me. She paid quickly through e-check which cleared without any problem. Thanks!
    9. I sold a Fantasy Doll Glen to Linyaree. There was a few minor communication issues, slow responses, and took a little longer than originally anticipated topay, due to withdrawing the money and having to wait for it to clear the account. Once the payment cleared and was confirmed to be sent, he was packed and sent off. After approximately two weeks, I messaged to confirm that he had arrived, as I'd recieved no word on his arrival, and thus confirmed he had indeed arrived. Other than the semi-slow communication/payment issues, Linyaree was a pleasure to work with.