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Feedback for Liria

Nov 5, 2007

    1. Please leave me a feedback if you had transaction with me, thank you!
      I thought I should start an individual feedback now that I have done a personal transaction by DOA marketplace. ^_^

      My old feedback (before FairyLand was established) I had for a long time as CP rep was hacked and lost :...(
    2. I bought a Shiwoo elf to Liria, is Very fast in the shipment, great communication and very friendly, it is an excellent seller.
    3. Several years ago I bought an elf Lishe from Liria. The transaction was amazingly speedy. I would buy from Liria in a heartbeat.
      Wendy Rundel
    4. Bought an Elf Yder head from Liria, exactly as described, and well worth it. :3 Very excellent seller, would buy from again.
    5. Not sure if this counts as individual feedback but I have had several questions when ordering a fairyland doll and Liria has been amazingly fast and kind to answer each question. I highly recommend dealing with her as she is very responsive to communications.
    6. Bought an Elf Yder Sleeping Vampire from Liria, plus extra hands.
      Wonderful to deal with, great contact and a nice transaction.
    7. Liria participated in a Luts group order I ran recently. She was a wonderful participant who was prompt in both communication and payment. Thank you for participating in my group order!