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Feedback for Lirin

Sep 4, 2007

    1. I can't find a feedback thread for Lirin so started one .. hope that's OK?

      I sold a doll to Lirin and we had a very nice transaction .. she is a sweetie and pays quickly and has great communication. Would deal with anytime.
      Thanks :)
    2. I bought an Another Secret head from Larin, She had a lovely face up and the whole transaction was a pleasure from start to finish.

      Thank you so much!
    3. I bought the Volks Yori from Lirin,
      The doll arrived very quickly,
      Emily was so friendly and went answered all my requests.
      It 'been nice buy her doll,
      Emily is a very precise and very kind seller.
      I am very happy
    4. I bought a beautiful doll from Lirin, such a lovely seller, kind, considerate, and keeps her dolls in superb condition.
      My doll was sent quickly, extremely well packed, and arrived in perfect condition.
      Plenty of friendly helpful communications too. many many thanks.
      I recommend Lirin as the perfect seller.
    5. Lirin purchased my Classy Doll 66cm body, the transaction couldn't have been better! Payment was prompt and sent on the time specified, and communication was stellar with prompt responses. Very friendly and a pleasure to talk to as well. Thanks again! I'd very much love to do business with you once more :D
    6. I bought a beautiful Or-Doll Anderl head from Lirin. I'd been wanting this head for a while and could never find one for sale--I encountered hers on the marketplace by accident, and I'm glad I purchased it from her.

      She replied to my initial inquiry on a holiday (and on the weekend), which was pretty unbelievable!!! (I should be less impatient.) She was super easy and friendly to contact, and very accommodating when I had a question about the shipping--great communication! And then, she shipped the head out the very next day! As a result, I received the head a whole day earlier than the postal service predicted, and I couldn't be more thrilled!!

      The head was completely mummified in bubble wrap--both inside the original container and out--this head wasn't shifting anywhere because she was a super safe packer. The head was also super clean and new-looking, even though she'd had it since 2012, so I know she takes very good care of her dolls!

      Thank you so so much! I would love the opportunity to do business with her again!
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