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Feedback for LisaMarie

Aug 29, 2006

    1. As she hasn't got a thread yet, I'm starting one for her.
      I bought my Belita body from her, and she is the loveliest person to deal with.She made her a beautiful lacy dress so that she wouldn't arrive naked, and blushed her beautifully too....( she even lent an ear when I had another moan about BL**DY Custom charges again:lol: )..
      Indeed a friend that I have made on this great forum here...:)
    2. LisaMarie was a delight to buy from! She was very generous, and shipped my girl (SD Carol) to me very quickly (and very securely)! I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend buying from her to anyone!
    3. I bought Yukinojo from her, and he was packed emaculately! Perfect condition. I would definitely buy from her again.
    4. I traded wigs with LisaMarie and she is just wonderful! Very quick to ship and extremely kind! I would gladly do business with her again
    5. I sold a Musedoll girl body to LisaMarie. She paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. :)

      Thanks again! :aheartbea
    6. Ibought a DIM Eunbi Head from LisaMarie! It was perfect!!! <3 thankyou so much!!
    7. Nice Eunbi Head!! Thank you!
    8. LisaMarie participated in my February Dollga group order and was an excellent participant! She responded very quickly to my PMs and paid me for her share of the group order -- was very friendly throughout the entire transaction. Thank you! :cake:
    9. LisaMarie was in my Winona Ryder Minimee group order. She was an awesome buyer, Paid on time and good communication. I'd recommend her for any group order! Thanks Lisa, Enjoy your girl :)
    10. I purchased a lovely Elfdoll body from LisaMarie and the transaction went perfectly. She is communictive, friendly and generous too :) Wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!
    11. Lisa Marie did a layaway with me for a DIM Girl body. She paid each time on time and was very good about sending her payments. Would do business with her at any time even another layaway.
    12. Just like to add since editying not allowed that Lisa Marie behind my back opened a dispute with PP and basically told PP things she never told me she found wrong with doll. She only said she wasn't happy and wanted a full refund. Which I do not do. Due to holding my PP account hostage for partial refund I had no choice but to give her $100 back on doll. She could have asked questions and been open with me on what was wrong with doll instead she only told me she didn't like fact it was an older body. Again something she could have found out about. As far as legs being uneven I had no idea as never played with doll, only tried to sell it. I got this doll in a trade and was never made aware from first owner of any problem with legs. In any case this has upset how I do business on DOA.
    13. I do believe the doll was unintentionally misrepresented. If you require details, please email me privately as I will not comment or engage in any public discussion of this matter, nor will I leave any negative feedback for Animemom as it is unnecessary and quite beneath me. In any case, intentional or not, I do not want to keep an item that has been misrepresented. It is the seller's responsibility to fully describe the item they are selling. I do believe that DoA has a full disclosure policy which should have been followed more closely. THE END.
    14. I bought a Volks MSD girl body from LisaMarie and transaction was great. The body was packaged well and and arrived in great condition. LisaMarie also threw in some free goodies that were awesome. Overall, this transaction exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again!
    15. LisaMarie participated in a leeke GO I ran. They had excellent communication and paid promptly. A pleasure to do business with! Thank you!
    16. LisaMarie participated in my recent Hands Craft Glass GO, and she was the perfect GO member! FAST payment of all invoices, great communication...HIGHLY recommended :)
    17. LisaMarie was part of the Tata's GO I ran and she was wonderful! I'd love to have her in future GOs! Thanks for being part of the first GO I've ever run! <3
    18. Participated in one of my GO's and was a great GO member <3
    19. LisaMaria joined my AngellStudio GO and she was wonderful! She paid quickly and was very patient when the order was a month later than it was suppose to be. I would love to have her in a GO anytime :aheartbea Thank you~
    20. LisaMarie was a part of my Leekeworld GO. Paid fast and was a great sport when an item she wanted was sold out. :) Thank you very much!!