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Feedback for little_robin87

Aug 3, 2006

    1. I haven't done a whole lot of business on here, but it would be nice to have a few words from the people I have dealt with so it could put others at ease in case they ever want to buy from or sell to me.

      Hope I have been nice to most of the people I have dealt with.

      Thanks! :aheartbea
    2. little_robin87 is a great buyer:aheartbea
      When I helped her to get DD Chii, her transaction was perfect!! Very smooth communication and speedy payment :)
      To deal with her is a great pleasure!!

      little_robin87 is a great seller, too:aheartbea
      She helped me to get my Enn 2nd from USA web site. She's always kind and friendly!! I appreciate and highly recommend her :)

      Thank you very much:aheartbea
      Whenever you need my help, I'll help you!!
    3. I have to second the fact that little_robin87 is a great buyer. I helped her buy a DZ megi, and she's paid me promptly in installments.

      She's incredibly friendly and trustworthy. Once you get in a transaction with her, you'll see, too, how awesome she is.
    4. Sold my CP Kid Ttori, a few outfits, a comissioned faceup as well, she is a great buyer! Looking forward to doing business with her again ^_^!
    5. Little_robbin87 is a great buyer :)
      I helped her to get beauty white boy body this time.
      Her payment was very fast and we had very good communications:aheartbea

      I highly recommend little_robbin87 :blush
    6. little_robbin87 is an awesome seller! I just got a Luts boy body today and it is perfect as discribed, and I think it will be perfect for my dolls head...I'm so glad I PM'd you..I also highly rcommend little_robbin87

    7. little robin is just so awesome !!! i joined in her group order and she made us feel special and very important. she kept us updated and responded instantly to any question asked.

      i give her an A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

      she makes everything sound so fun and interesting... she adds sppiiccceee :fangirl:
    8. I sold something to little_robin87, fast pay, great communcation, thanks again! :D
    9. I helped little_robbin87 to get beauty white boy body again :)
      She's my dear friend, and a great pleasure to deal with.

      Her payment is always fast and communication goes smoothly :blush
      She's very wonderful!!

      You can deal with her peacefully:aheartbea Highly recommend again<3<3<3
    10. Received payment quickly. And was very delightful to work with. Would definitely would do business again with and would advise others to do so. ^^
    11. Paid me very quickly and was friendly to deal with. Thanks again!
    12. little_robin87 is local, so I'm kinda biased... (and bad for not posting this sooner!)

      She ran a group order for some eyes, and when the color I had chosen was out of stock, she tried to reach me. I wasn't near a computer, so instead of dropping my order, she chose the next closest color and style... which proved to (bounce well when dropped) be absolutely perfect for my boy!

      So here's a happy me, hoping to catch her again when she plans the next order! :D
    13. Very nice to deal with on a group order. She even included a little gift.
    14. <3 I second the nice to deal with on a group order! And the cute little plushy is darling!
    15. She paid very promptly, and was lovely to communicate with. ^_^ Thank you very much!
    16. Edit: Nevermind she posted it below! :blush

      Thanks everyone for all of your nice comments!
    17. I participated in my very first Group Order ever with little_robin87 for konlin's Acrylic Eyes From Dream-sky :sumomo:

      After much confusion on my part that both little_robin87 and konlin were extremly helpful and understanding about I chose 18mm: eye-17; eye-18; eye-30; eye-40; eye-38; eye-34.

      little_robin87 kept a great Thread updated for all the check on the progress of the order --- which was almost unnecessary it proceeded so fast :)

      konlin got the whole order to little_robin87 in record time so she could shipped the parts out soooo fast!!!! And she even included a little plushie bear as an added Gift (and she was the one doing all the 'work'!:o ) which my little boy has decide to claim duel ownership of with my girls :lol:

      These eyes are phenominal in color and the choices of uniqueness.:abow:

      And again a Special Thanks to both little_robin87 and konlin for their help, patience and education so I can one day participate in another Group Order. :thumbup
    18. As mentioned above, little_robin87 has organized a group order from KonDoll, and did a WONDERFUL job. A great update thread, everything speedy, great communication, super friendly, it could not have been a better experience. I'd recommend little_robin87 to anyone! :)
    19. The WIGS came Today! THEY're ALLLLLL WONDERFUL! THANK You so much for hosting the Group order! I Absolutely LOVED them.. Thank you once again.
    20. Ah! Thanks so much for all the nice comments everyone :blush

      Hope you all liked my plushie gifts :)