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Feedback for littlesunnyray >^-^<

Jan 10, 2012

    1. Hi!

      Please feel free to leave your feedback for my transactions on DoA here.

      Thank you very much.:)

      My Ebay Feedback
    2. She bought a PukiFee Zoe head from me, and everything went great and without a hitch! :) I highly recommend her as a buyer!
    3. Sunny bought a Migidoll/Volks hybrid from me. It was a great transaction!
      Kind and friendly communication and lightning-fast payment.
      She also informed me right away when he arrived.
      So, I recommend her to 100%! It was a pleasure :chocoberry
      Thank you :aheartbea
    4. Sunny bought an Aidolls Hades from me and she was extremely great to deal with. Fast payment, quick pm's and she let me know immediately when the doll arrived. I would gladly do business with her again, anytime!

      Highly recommended as buyer. Thank you very much!:)
    5. Sunny bought a Domuya body, great communication and fast payment. Have fun with your purchase!
    6. Sunny bought a Ren Girl from me.

      She has been super kind, answering always my messages, and the payment was fast and smooth. When the doll arrived she wrote me a new PM to tell me ^^

      Very recommended, nice buyer and pretty nice person! <3
    7. She's always a pleasure to deal with! She bough a Lati Coco from me, and the transaction was perfect as ever! :)
    8. What a pleasure to deal with. Sunny made this transaction so easy and paid really quickly.
      I had never taken payment by bank wire before but it all worked out very well.
      Thank you Sunny.
    9. I sold two pair of acrylic eyes to Sunny. She was simply a great buyer. I had some back luck in the middle of our transaction with computer problems among other things and she was wonderfully kind, supportive and patient with me. She paid quickly, she let me know when the items arrived and was quick to reply. She was simply a dear to deal with!
      I would gladly to business with her again. Thank you Sunny! :aheartbea
    10. Sunny bought a pair of eyes from me. Very pleasant and quick transaction. Thank you! :)
    11. Sunny has bought a couple of wigs from me.
      Very pleasant transaction and quick payment. Highly recommended as a buyer :)
      Would definitely do business with her again!
      Thanks again!
    12. Littlesunnyray bought Laila Minoru sleeping head from me. She is really a good buyer :). Very quick payment and very good communication. I would welcome the opportunity to do business with her again.
      Thank you :)
    13. Littlesunnyray bought a Lati Blue Cara head from me. Payment was quick and communication was wonderful. I would gladly deal with her again ^^
    14. Littlesunnyray bought my Dollmore Futon Bed and everything was perfect! Hope to deal with her again! ^o^
    15. And again littlesunnyray bought my last Dollmore Futon Bed and everything was again perfect! My hope (to deal with her again) is fullfilled x'D
    16. Apologies for the delay with this. I sold littlesunnyray two MinoruWorld bodies and a head. She was very pleasant and friendly to deal with and it was a very smooth transaction.
    17. Sunny bought my MNF Eliya. She is a great buyer!
      The payment was super fast and communication was great.
      I had never used bank wire And she was very helpful and answers all my questions.
      I would Love to do business with her again.
      Thank you Sunny <3
    18. Sunny has bought a MNF B-line body from me, and it was a very pleasant transaction! I had reservations about accepting a bank wire, but I accepted based on her excellent feedback and I wasn't disappointed. :) I had no idea about bank wires, but she made is very easy! I wouldn't hesitate to sell or buy with her again, she is lovely!
    19. I traded my LTF Lewi for littlesunnyray's Dollmore body + Juri head.
      Communication was good, shipment of the items was swift.
    20. littlesunnyray traded Arin for my Volks YoSD HinaIchigo head.
      It was very smooth and pleasant.