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Feedback for Living_doll_13

Mar 13, 2010

    1. ^w^ Feedback for Living_doll_13
    2. Sold a pair of Soom Skoll paws to Living_doll_13
      Communication was excellent and she paid right away and even let me know when it arrived safely to her.
      Would def do business with her again and recommend her to other sellers!
    3. Sold a Sphaler wig to Carina. She was nice to communicate with, very prompt in payment and informed when the wig arrived.
      An excellent transaction overall. Thank you so much!
    4. living_doll_13 bought a doll head from me. Payment was quick and transaction was wonderful. A great DoA user! Thank you. :D
    5. Living_doll_13 bought a Soom Chrom wig from me. She was really sweet to deal with; payment was prompt and communication was good and fast. Definitely recommended. Enjoy your wig! ^^
    6. Had a great transaction with Living_doll_13 who bought a pair of soom birdie feet from me. Our communication was wonderful and her payment was super fast. It was very pleased to deal with her. Thanks again~
    7. Another great transaction with Carina! As usual, she paid promptly and informed me when the clothes arrived.
      Am hoping that this won't be our last deal. Tehee. Thanks a lot~!
    8. living_doll_13 bought a Soom Sphaler from me. She kept in great communication, payment was immediate and she was very patient. It was a completely hassle-free and very pleasant transaction. She's a great buyer and I'd recommend her to anyone. :D
    9. Sold a pair of Ai antlers to Living_doll_13~
      Wonderful transaction! Was quick to pay and let me know as soon as they arrived. ~ <3
      A++ buyer~!
    10. I bought a FL MNF Lightning Scar Arm from living_doll_13. Communication was prompt and friendly, she shipped quickly, and the arm arrived VERY quickly and was packaged very, very well. Would certainly do business with her again!
    11. Bought a pair of horns, friendly and nicely packed. thanks :)
    12. i just completed a trade trade with living_doll_13 ; her sphaler dragon parts for my chrom wolf parts.it was an excellent transaction, with an equally excellent trader .
      great communication , promptly shipped and well packed items, this in spite of the best efforts of a certain volcano to interrupt and delay things.;)

      living_doll_ 13 was very patient with the delays , both volcanic and postal, and was a pleasure dealing with her.

      i would very much recommend as a A+++++ seller.:)
    13. Sold a modded Dollmore Ray head to Living_doll_13, she was wonderful to deal with. Paid when she said she would and let me know once the head arrived safely, thanks so much!
    14. Have a nice Sphaler of Living_doll_13 purchased.
      The communication was good, the ship was fast (up to the inch) but everything went smoothly. I can recommend them as a shop only on!
      Note 1
    15. I bought a doll from Living_doll_13,and the transaction went very smoothly. She was very sweet and helpful,and the doll was arrived safely.
      Thank you very much ^ ^
    16. I Have a buy Heisejinyao Fullset ye Wang and everything was fine ^^
      Good communication, very nice person has nothing wrong!

      (and a very cute boy :p)

      Thanks your very much living_doll_13 ;D
    17. I bought a DZ Megi head from Living_doll_13. She was super friendly and fast with her PMs and just overall, great to deal with. The package did take its time to arrive[not either of our fault] and the head was packed securely with alot of extras! Would gladly do business with again! Thank you!
    18. Bought a Cherishdoll Chubby Demon. Great communication, very friendly and an awesome seller! Shipping was fast and everything got to my house just perfectly and just as described! Would gladly do business again.
    19. I bought a Dollzone body from Living_doll_13 in December, and even though it was a postal nightmare, she was great through the whole mess, even filing a claim when the box went missing. When I finally got my box after almost 100 days, it was really battered, but she had packed him so well in an inner box that the doll and all his extras were just perfect. Wonderful seller, in spite of terrible circumstances beyond her control, reliable and responsible even three months later! Thank you so much! :D
    20. She bought me Too of Dream of Doll, was very precise with and payment.
      She reply me very fast the PM, and she is very pleasant ^___^

      Thank you so much!