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Feedback for liwhitesa

Jan 30, 2011

    1. I searched, but didn't see a feedback thread for liwhitesa so starting one for her with this transaction. Mods, if for some reason she already has a FB thread, please just consolidate this post with any previous one. Thanks! : )

      Just sold a doll to liwhitesa and it was a perfect transaction in every way. She is a very pleasant person, with excellent communication and fast payment. I'm very happy to have gained a lovely new friend, and that my former doll has found such a great new home. Thank you so much! :) :chocoberry
    2. I sold a doll on layaway to liwhitesa. She made all her payments promptly and kept in contact throughout the entire transaction. She was a joy to work with; very pleasant and friendly. I would gladly do business with her again.
    3. liwhitesa bought jacket and pants from me. She was very quick to pay. Very friendly too! The transaction went well and smoothly. Thank you for doing business with me.
    4. Sold a dyed Unoa B-el to liwhitesa on lay away, and payments were always in good time and even finished far earlier than planned! :)
      Thanks! It was a pleasure! :chocoberry
    5. Sold a doll to liwhitesa she was very prompt with payments and paid her off earlier then expected. She was always very friendly to work with email back and forth when needed. I would sell to her again in a heartbeat. Thank you! :whitetruffle
    6. liwhitesa bought some doll jewelry from me. She paid quickly and was great to do business with. Thanks!
    7. Lisa bought a doll and clothing from me. Fast payment. Thank you!
    8. liwhitesa bought from me a pair of shoes. She paid really fast and all communication was superb :)
      Thank you :)
    9. Sold some clothes to liwhitesa. Friendly and paid quickly. ^^ Great transaction.
    10. sold a pair of jeans to liwhitesa, communication was great, payment received quickly...a perfect transaction. Thank you!
    11. This lovely person purchased items from me on the market place, everything went really well. Thank you!
    12. liwhitesa bought a pair of jeans from me in a very pleasant transaction. Was polite in messages, paid quickly and let me know when the jeans arrived. (Thanks again!)
    13. liwhitesa purchased a Spampy hoodie from me. Payment was prompt and communication was always friendly.
      Highly recommend as a buyer.

      Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction.
    14. liwhitesa purchased Leeke Kiel (tan skin) for me, she's promptly paid the item and very smooth communication. I really love doing a business with her ^^b. Very recommended!!!!!
    15. I sold some MSD to liwhitesa and everything went good, great communication and very quick to pay
    16. Lisa sold doll to me, shipped fast and packaged super well. Would recommend Lisa to anyone!
    17. Iiwhitesea bought a set of bracelets from me. Quick communication and super fast payment. Would definitely do business again!
    18. Iiwhitesea - bought some outfits from me and was great to deal with. Thank you.
    19. I bought a bambicrony judy on layaway from Lisa. Great experience and adorable doll! Thanks so much!
    20. liwhitesa and I did a trade and everything was perfect! She shipped her part of the trade off right away and let know when she received my part. She was always quick to respond to PMs and was very friendly. The doll I received was packed really well, too. I would definitely recommend her as a trade partner to anyone! :D Thanks for a wonderful trade, liwhitesa!