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Feedback for Lizzard

Dec 3, 2006

    1. This thread is to collect feedback for Lizzard. Whee.

    2. I've had several wonderful transactions with Lizzard. She's always prompt on payment and super pleasant to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to sell or buy from her again. :)
    3. Lizz always follows through on a transactions. You don't need to worry when you sell to or buy from her.
    4. Lizzard has bought Pliver from me on two separate occasions. She was always very polite, great on communication and payed quickly. She's a great person to deal with. :)
    5. Lizzard was very kind to me about payment options for my purchase from her, and i'd be happy to buy again.
    6. I went in on an outfit split with her, couldn't be happier! She's very pleasant to deal with and is flexible when it comes to working out shipping options/costs.
    7. Great seller! Couldn't be happier with our transaction (and the packaging was brilliant!) ^_^
    8. boots arrived. Very nice. Haven't been able to try them on yet. Good service, nice split.
    9. Item I bought arrived promptly, and Lizzard was very pleasant to deal with. Thank you! :)
    10. I bought an outfit from Lizzard, it arrived super quick (for this time of year) and it was in excellent condition!! Great seller! :)
    11. Bought some doll furniture from Lizzard - it came promptly and very well packed, after a pleasant and helpful transaction. Thanks again! ^^
    12. Bought a outfit from Lizzard, beautiful and exactly as described.
    13. I bought a very nice pair of EA eyes from Lizzard and I couldn't be happier. They arrived amazingly fast, and Lizzard herself was very pleasant to communicate with. I would certainly buy from her again.
    14. Lizzard is a worderful seller, answered all my questions, flexible about payment and shipping options and was great with shipping the glasses.
    15. Bought a red top hat from Lizzard, and it arrived quickly after my payment was recieved. Packed very well to avoid it being crushed. I'm very happy!
    16. I bought a pair of 18mm Apple Green Eyecandies from Lizzard for my new Isao and they came nice and quickly and Lizzard herself was great to deal with. :D I'd definitely buy from her again.
    17. Lizzard was awesome! very nice and friendly adn very quick :D
    18. Just completed a transaction with Lizzard, a lovely person I've known for a couple of years via a different hobby!

      This is a person who ships as soon as humanly possible, packages extremely well, and keeps in excellent communication at all time. :) Highly recommended.
    19. Just bought some fabulous eyes from Lizzard, who posted them out extremely quickly, nicely packaged and with a couple of extras to boot! highly recommended :) thank you!
    20. Lizzard was very pleasant to deal with, my eyes were packaged so they would be uber safe!