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Feedback for LMC

May 31, 2007

    1. If I've had a transaction with you, please feel free to post about it. :] Thanks!
    2. LMC bought a B&G boy body from me. She paid promptly and was very patient when she had to wait a day. She was also courteous and a real pleasure to deal with. I rate this transaction very highly.

    3. LMC bought a FP Rona from me :) She was very kind, and payed veery fast! <3 It was a pleasure doing business with LMC :D <3

    4. I sold LMC a Delf girl body. Never seen someone paid that fast, we talked for like around 20 minutes about something and after she paid me right away! I highly recommend her as a buyer, she was really nice to talk with and she let me know when she get the body, everything was made safe and fast ^^
    5. LMC bought some sd clothes from me
      communication was great and she paid really fast
      thanks again!!!
    6. LMC was in a Luts GO i did and communication was great and fast payment. Also let me know when she recieved the item.

      Thanks very much :)
    7. LMC participated in a GO I ran. Communication was great and she paid promptly = ] Thanks for taking part in my GO~
    8. LMC adopted a Leeke Chouette from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope you and the little one will have lots of happy moments together! :kitty2