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Feedback for lmochi

Jan 25, 2009

    1. I buy; I sell.

      How did I do?

    2. Imochi bought a Luts SDF howl and a Domuya Faith head from me and she was great to deal with -- she communicated quickly and paid fast. Highly recommended :)
    3. Imochi commissioned two beanies from me. It was a rush order and though they didnt make it in time *post problems* she was very patient with me. I really appreciate her kindness. Thanks!
    4. Got a free faceup from lmochi and was very impressed with her skill! Communication was great (she let me know she was going out of town and offered to finish the faceup before she left and finished it quickly after I suggested she wait instead) and I'm definitely considering commisioning her again for future projects. ^_^
    5. Imochi did a faceup on my Yder and everything was great! She was nice, with fast responces and kept me up to date with everything! I would definitely commission her again! =D
    6. imochi has been very sweet! I bought a B&G boy body which was perfect when it came! I am very happy we had contact as well, and she was very sweet to do some things for me, so I didnt had to pay so much for tax.

      Very good seller! And nice way to deal with her customers! <3

      Can only recommend!
    7. Imochi has been perfect ^^ She gave me a free face-up (it was my first time shipping my doll or pieces of my doll ANYWHERE) and it was done BEAUTIFULLY! It's almost exactly what I wanted and I'm SO happy with it! She was really very nice and patient! I would highly recommend her for a face-up in the future ^^
    8. So after much pondering and internal debating, I bought a Delf Howl from Imochi. She put up with all my obnoxious questions and PMs and was absolutely wonderful about it. She also did a body blushing and face-up on the doll I bought from her, and they are amazing and beyond what I had in mind. n_n
      Imochi also packed everything really nicely and included lots of bubblewrap and tissue paper. Everything arrived unscathed and really quickly.

      I loved working with Imochi and I would love to again in the future. : D
    9. positive feedback for lmochi! I was in a group order she planned.It was her first time doing a group order and she did a very good job getting orders, giving us updates, and dealing with all sorts of business things. I got my eyes and I love them! I just need to get my doll to use them!~
    10. Leaving awesome feedback! I was in one of the largest eye GOs that I've seen and it was cheap too! Thank you soooo much for the eyes and the second order that I placed in last minute! *mumbles about her mom*
      Anyway, Imochi was great with this GO, she kept us very updated and informed with the status of our GO. Even when she was away she gave us heads up far in advance! Will, totally do business with this member again!
    11. I also participated in Imochi's glass eyes GO. For a huge GO like this one (and even her first GO), everything was really organized and the communication was superb! Shipping was even quicker.^^ I would definitely be happy to do business again. :)
    12. Imochi does great group orders! I would definitely join one again anytime!
    13. Was in Imochi's Eye go and it was a wonderful experience, would love to be in another one of her Go's again!
    14. I participated in Imochi's glass eye Group Order, and everything was perfect! Great organization, superb communication, and very speedy shipment. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I will definitely participate in her future Group Orders. :)
    15. I was in Imochi's GO for glass eyes, and it was the first GO I'd ever been in. It was a wonderful experience, organized, fantastic prices, and polite and quick communication.
      I recommend 100% :)
    16. I joined a glass eyes GO Imochi runs.
      The whole process was smooth and my items arrived perfectly.

      Thank you. ^^
    17. I was in Imochi's GO for glass eyes. This was the first GO I'd ever been in so I was a bit nervous, but it turned out to be a awesome experience! So glad I found this GO, I would part take in future GOs with this member.
    18. I was in Imochi's Glass Eye GO~
      This was my first group order I've ever participated in! And it was a very very good first experience! I'm extremely happy how everything worked out.
      Imochi was very organized and was very quick to ship out the product!
      I recommend partaking in any deals with her!
    19. I too was a member of lmochi's Glass Eye GO, and also it was my first GO. lmochi ran a smooth, easy ship with a friendly attitude, great communication and speedy shipping. The price was great and the quality of these eyes is quite remarkable. I eagerly look forward to the next GO hosted by her to sign up! Thank you again, lmochi! :chocoheart
    20. i was part of the glass eyes GO and it was PERFECT - thank you!