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Feedback for Logodae

Jul 27, 2007

    1. If you have feedback for me, please post here! :)
    2. Oh, i didn't received you PM. but i find this thread when i am planning to sart one for you:)

      I split an N-Doll Miru with Logodae. The transaction went perfectly.He was very pleasant to deal with. thank you very much:)
    3. Logodae bought a wig from me, and it was a pleasure dealing with her! She paid quickly and was very friendly in her PMs. DoA needs more members like her! Thanks so much!
    4. Logodae bought my SDF Frey head.
      She was a lovely buyer, very polite & great communication. Payment was fast & she informed me when he arrived.
      Would reccommend to anyone, a truly wonderful member of this forum xXx
    5. Logodae sold me a MNF Shiwoo elf and everything was perfect. Logodae was very pleasant to deal with, and the Shiwoo was shipped out promptly and excellently packaged. Thanks so much! :)
    6. I sold a pair of DD Pukifee hooves to Logodae. Super easy transaction, no problems whatsoever. I would definitely do business with again!
    7. I bought eyes from Logodae, they were well packaged and arrived safely. Communication was excellent. Thanks! =D
    8. I bought a domuya male body from Logodae, and sh'es been very nice. The body was sent qucikly, very well packaged and in its original box. Everything was just as said on the sale topic (or better). I'm very happy with all this transaction and very thankful for her kindness. :)
    9. Logodae sold me a pair of taxidermy eyes in 14mm. she shipped them quickly, and I've been really surprised to receive them so carefully and safely packed!
      communication has been friendly and kind, and I highly recommend her as a seller!
      thank you so much for such a nice and smooth transaction!
    10. I bought a pair of eyes from Logodae, and she was very quick at getting back to me. They were shipped quickly too and packaged well & accurately. Thanks!
    11. i was a participant in logodae's eye swap! i beleive it was their first swap but it went off beautifully for me, except for the fact that my BF tried to lose one of my eyes right before i was supposed to ship! LOL
      but i would happily participate in any swaps held by logodae in the future and thank you for making such a fun swap!
    12. I participated in Logodae's Eye for an Eye swap and she was a great organizer!
    13. Just participated in Logodae's Eye for an Eye Swap! She was the perfect host and always kept everyone up to date! If you see her hosting a swap, join it! <3
    14. I purchased a Unoa Sist faceplate from Logodae :) She was really friendly and packaged the faceplate amazingly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again ~ Thank you for a great transaction! :kitty2
    15. Logodae was a participant in my "time for a new do" wig swap! the wig was shipped within the time limit and love by her partner! thank you for helping make my swap more amazing!
    16. I bought a set of eyes from Logodae and they arrived fast and were perfect. Thanks! :)
    17. I participated in a Cylin's split that Logodae was carrying because I wanted the dress . She has been so sweet and wonderful to work with ^^. So polite and so nice in every message she sent to me and so fast answering me back. Kept me informed about everything all the time and when she got the doll sent me the dress very well packed and carefully protected in an split of an eye ^^.

      I have no doubt at all that I would love to deal with her in future if she allows me to do so.

      Thank you so much sweetie !! You are just wonderful >< !!
    18. I participated in Logodae's cylin split. Logodae was wonderful to deal with and everything went very smoothly, great communication. The items arrived safely and carefully packed in lots of bubble wrap. Thanks so much!! :)
    19. Really great seller. She is incredible at contacting, a packing god, and a very prompt shipper.

      I recently bought a DollZone Moment from her, and the whole process was great! She glued a small chip in his petals down for me, and she packaged him perfectly! Only thing I would say is that he came with a few scuffs and faint stains that weren't mentioned in the original sales thread, but they're rather slight.

      Definitely do business with Logodae! You won't regret it!
    20. I just recently finished a transaction with Logodae and I couldn't be happier! She took a chance on me with my payment for her Pukifee hooves and was very understanding through the whole process. The hooves arrived safely and were shipped out as soon as she received the money, which she was kind enough to let me know of. Fast and friendly as heck. If you get the chance to work with her then go for it!