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Feedback for L'Okapi

Jul 25, 2007

    1. I'm creating this thread since L'Okapi doesn't have one :)
      We had a wonderful transaction, fast payment, well communication, and she is a nice and friendly buyer.

      Thanks! :)
    2. Just completed an eye trade with L'Okapi and it went perfectly! She's great at communication and is very friendly!

      Thank you! :fangirl:
    3. L'Okapi just bought a pair of eyes from me, and I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with her--she was courteous and fun to chat with by PM, and paid *very* promptly. Definitely recommended!
    4. good buyer! patient, good contact. thanks!
    5. L'Okapi participated in a group order I did and was a pleasure to deal with! Sent the money very quickly and had great communication throughout the entire ordeal! I would definately do business with again! Thankyou!! <3
    6. This positive feedback is long over do. L'Okapi adopted a doll from me and I just have to say that the transaction was an A+. Great Communication, and fast payment. Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy your boy. ^_^
    7. I purchased a Sard wig from L'Okapi, and everything was perfect. It was awesome of L'Okapi to offer to order it for me and it came quickly and well-packaged. I love it. Thanks again!
    8. L'Okapi commissioned a face-up from me and everything went great!
      Friendly communication and very quick to pay. Was a real pleasure to work with! XD <33
    9. L'Okapi commissioned another face-up from me, and it went great~
      Hope to work with again in the future! X3 Thanks!
    10. L'Okapi agreed to sell me an Abio Angel Yi head, after a few days of no contact, I messaged to see what was going on. They informed me they had sold another doll and no longer needed to sell the Yi head.
    11. The amazing seller!!!!
      This person has made dream of my life real!!!
      Very friendly, polite and understanding seller. Magnificent packing of a doll!!! I was very glad to deal L'Okapi!!!!!
    12. If there's a better seller on DoA than L'Okapi, I don't know who it is! Excellent seller...one bazillion stars.

      Seriously....everything was perfect. Thank you!