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Feedback for loli-hime

Aug 19, 2010

    1. For anyone I've done a B-S-T with~
      Thank you!

      Positive - 0

      Negative - 0
    2. Nice, first to comment! xD I sold a Yo-SD Kun to loli-hime and the entire transaction was smooth, pleasant and professional. Communication was quick (as was payment) and friendly! Very pleased overall, so I would happily do business with loli-hime again.
    3. loli-hime signed up for my recent Leekeworld Group Order. The order closed Aug 4, I had everyone invoiced by Aug 8. I went ahead and paid for the order not having a couple of people's payments in, loli-hime's being one of them. I sent a couple of invoice reminders through paypal, and then on Aug 14 both emailed and PMed her. On Aug 17 I receive a reply PM from her letting me know that she had been out of town for a few days and hadn't realized the eyes she had ordered had come back in stock in time and been ordered on my GO, and that she had found eyes elsewhere but was going to check paypal to see what she owed me. I waited 2 days the invoice was still not paid. I sent two more invoice reminders and have still not heard from her or been paid and the order arrived yesterday Aug 26. I am taking the item as a loss at my end and leaving this negative feedback for being a non paying GO participant. However all communications I did have with her were very pleasant and friendly.
    4. I traded a my SOOM Glot for loli-hime's Volk YoSD Kun. The trade went very smoothly and Kun arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you so much for a fast and easy trade!
    5. Loli bought eyes from me and was really fast to pay and everything went great :D
    6. I traded my DiM Danbi for loli-hime's LTF Lewi, and the transaction went off without a hitch. She was super polite and accommodating all throughout, and I love my new boy! Thanks for a great trade!
    7. Just noticed I haven't posted this, and I can't edit the first post...

      But I have 100% positive feedback on ebay as well under 'himehimechan'
    8. I did a faceup for loli-hime. She is very pleasant to work with.
      There was some paypal issue that resulted in a delay for shipping but we were in communication the whole time there was no trouble. I'd love to work with her again! :>
    9. loli-hime and I did a trade and she was super sweet and helpful as I had never shipped a doll before! Communication went smoothly and quickly and I love my new boy. Thank you loli-hime!
    10. loli-hime commissioned a custom hoodie from me and was a pleasure to work with. Communication was excellent and very friendly. She paid promptly and let me know when her package arrived. Overall a perfect transaction and I'd love to do business with you again! Thanks!
    11. POSITIVE

      I purchased a WS Soom Special Order Hati from loli-hime and the transaction went beautifully. Her communication was always very fast, she was sweet and very polite to work with and even offered to allow me the chance to pick the doll up rather than have her shipped. ( It was fantastic to meet you!)

      The doll is lovely and is exactly as described in the sales thread I would not hesitate to buy from loli-hime again in the future <3
    12. I sold a Pukipuki Pongpong to Loli-hime and the transaction was wonderful. Loli-hime paid when she said she would and even sent the second payment earlier than she had originally planned. All communication was prompt and friendly. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks so much!