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Feedback for Lolita Minako/Jamie

Sep 4, 2007

    1. Starting a feedback thread. At this point, I really just do dollie manicures and put in eyelashes for those who are not comfortable doing it.

      I hope to eventually make clothes and such, but not at this point. ^__^
    2. Since I cannot seem to edit my original post, I will post a reply with my services (Prices Vary):

      BJD Manicures and Pedicures
      Clothing Orders (dresses, sets, costumes, PM with your desires and I will let you know if I feel as though my skill level is up for it. I am an honest person, and I refuse to fill an order if I do not feel as though I can do it well. :))

      If you see me at a meetup, I also apply and repair eyelashes.
    3. Well I would like to thank you once again for the face up to did on Saphira! She's so gorgeous! The next doll I get I will have you do the face up! I can't wait to see your others that will come with time! And your finished results of Peter!
    4. Thank you so much for fixing J.C. face up it really looks great
    5. Jamie bought a cute lilac Fullset Hanyuu from me...^_^ well minus eyes that is...cause she had the most adorable ones picked out just for her ^_^ she is super super super sweet and great communication...was an absolute joy to work with ^_^ I highly recommend her as a buyer ^_^
      *tons o huggles for Jamie for the great transaction* I hope you enjoy your little Hanyuu ^_^