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Feedback for Lone Sheep

Oct 7, 2006

    1. If you've had a transaction with me, please leave feedback in this thread. Thank you so much!
    2. I've had tons of transactions with Lone Sheep in the past, and I can definately vouch for her excellent seller and buyer skills! :D
    3. Lone Sheep is very pleasant to deal with and she paid for her purchase very promptly. :)

    4. Lone Sheep commissioned a dress from me and she was a most wonderful customer! Communications were excellent and informative and payment was very prompt. I'd be happy to sell to her again as she's just a fantastic buyer!
    5. Did a faceup for Lone Sheep's Valerie! Wonderful communication, prompt payment and absolutely darling to deal with!!! XD Thank you so much and I hope to get to deal with you again!
    6. Recently I purchased 2 wigs from lonesheep

      not only is she very understanding of my weird paypal situation (they froze my account ><;;; because of suspiscion of "third party" tapping into my account ?! XD ^^??) but she is EASY to talk to and contact with
      and shipped everything promptly!! neatly packaged in individual packaging and came in perfect condition and with no damages etc!

      <3 perfect transaction! thanks SO much!!!!!!!

      the boys love it (except esme looked at me with fear/anger when he saw the fur cat ears XD!!)
    7. I bought a wig from Lone Sheep - she is an extremely nice person and absolutly wonderful to deal with! :)
    8. I sold some eyes to Lone Sheep recently; she was wonderful to deal with, and paid promptly for her purchase. I would gladly do business with her again. ^__^ <3
    9. Lone Sheep participated in my Luts group order and was very prompt with paying invoices and was overall very sweet to deal with! Thanks so much again :aheartbea
    10. Just completed a trade for Zoukeimura eyes with Lone Sheep and would recommend her to anyone. Shipment was prompt and her communication was great!
    11. I bought a wig from Lone Sheep, the transaction went extremely well, and she was more than willing to share and expound on the info. I'd buy from her again.
    12. Sold a jacket to Lone Sheep and she was excellent to deal with! Very smooth transaction and a highly recommended buyer! Thanks~!
    13. I sold a pair of DIM headphones to Lone Sheep, and the transaction went smoothly! She was commutative and paid promptly. Definitely recommended!
    14. I sold a Super Gem body to Lone Sheep
      I'm glad it went so well and easy, she's a darling

      very reccomended to anyone :3