Feedback for LonelyArtist

Jul 12, 2020

    1. Hey everyone! Opening this thread for feedback only! Thank you!
    2. Positive Feedback!
      LonelyArtist recently purchased a Luts Zuzu Delf Aramis fullset from me and it was a perfect transaction. They were very friendly, paid on time, and they let me know that the doll had arrived safely. I would definitely sell to them again in the future and recommend them as a customer!
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    3. Positive Feedback :thumbup
      LonelyArtist recently purchased two Switch Largo pants from me. Everything was superb! They are a friendly buyer and it was a great pleasure communicating with them. Payment of course was done shortly after I sent the invoice. They also let me know when the package arrived with pictures as well :) Thank you again for a pleasant transaction :cheer
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    4. LonelyArtist purchased a Mirodoll body from me and it was a fantastic transaction. Communication was great, they paid promptly, and let me know when their package arrived. Theyre also really wonderful to talk to, would absolutely do business in the future. I hope you enjoy and I cant wait to see what you do! Thank you!
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    5. @LonelyArtist participated in a For My Doll group order I hosted. :) All communication was concise, payments were prompt, and I was informed when the items safely arrived home.

      I would happily have them as a participant in future GOs! :D

      Thanks so much for joining my order!
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