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Feedback for LordHelmet

Apr 22, 2008

    1. Hi there!

      This our feedback thread! Please leave feedback if we have purchased or sold anything, and we will return the favor!


    2. LordHelmet purchased a wig and eyes from me, paid promptly, and was all-around pleasant. Thanks again! :)
    3. LordHelmet bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when items arrived.
      Wonderful to do business with.
    4. Bought a doll from me- DZ Tanning Shoyo girl, and the transaction went so smoothly. payment was prompt and communication was fast and enjoyable. totally recommend!

      plus, her name is the same as mine, so double kudos!!! ^____~
    5. LordHelmet purchased some items from me and was very friendly and paid quickly, would definitely do business with again! Thank you!
    6. Lordhelmet bought a fox hat from me! Awesome communication, super fast payment and very very nice to do business with!
    7. LordHelmet bought a doll from me.

      LordHelmet really is a great pleasure to deal with.
      Excellent communication, super fast payment!! Everything is perfect.
      Thank you very much for this great transaction :fangirl:

      I highly recommend LordHelmet :aheartbea
    8. LordHelmet purchased a pair of tiny shoes! Was a pleasure to work with, good communication & prompt payment! Would gladly work with again!
    9. LordHelmet bought a tiny BonBon doll. Super fast payment and excellent communication. Enjoy your doll. :lol:

      She bought a doll outfit from me as well as my Pipos Heero! ^_^

      She paid promptly, has excellent communication, is very friendly and understanding and is great in person! :D I met up with her to hand-deliver the stuff she bought from me (since she lives in my city!)
    11. LordHelmet bought a wig from me. They paid promptly, had good communication and the transaction went very smoothly.
    12. LordHelmet bought a pair of Volks metallic green eyes from me. Communication was prompt, and she paid quickly. Awesome! Thank you~
    13. Lord Helmet and I traded shoes and it was a delightful trade! No Problems whatsoever

      Love Ya Fox!
    14. Lord Helmet and I traded shoes and it was a delightful trade! No Problems whatsoever

      Love Ya Fox and Jolie!
    15. LordHelmet bought my Puki Piki. Transaction went smoothly and we had fun to boot~ :lol:
    16. LordHelmet purchased some items for me & the transaction was very pleasant. LordHelmet maintained excellent communication & paid promptly. I highly recommend LordHelmet to transact with here on DOA. Thank you! :)
    17. Lord Helmet RAWKS. :D

      She bought my Dollheart Cat thief outfit. She'se AWSUM POSSUM and is always friendly and pays quickly.
    18. Hokay. So they bought some eyes from me. And they were awesome, of course. :)
    19. They bought some eyes from me, and despite a small mixup everything was very pleasant and fast. Recommended buyer. Thanks again!
    20. Lord Helmet had originally boughten a pair of 18mm glass eyes from me. Once arriving there were a few small difficulties with the eyes. We then traded the eyes for clothing of equaling value. Lord Helmet was wonderful to work with and let me know when things arrived and were shipped off. The comuunication was excellent and payment quick. Thanks so much again!