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Feedback for LordNoir

Jul 29, 2010

    1. ^^ ~<3

      A place for any and all feedback regarding LordNoir
    2. I sold my Ringdoll Spencer, my beloved Lore, to Alicia. The communication was beyond excellent, transactions were very fast, and she was amazing at reassuring me every step of the way. She is very trustworthy, honest, and a joy to do "business" with.

      Thanks Alicia for making this a great experience for me and my beloved Lore. I look forward to your future adventures together! :aheartbea
    3. Alicia purchased a faceup commission from me. Communication was great and the transaction went very smooth. She is a joy to work with!!!! I fully recommend her :)
    4. LordNoir purchased a head from me and paid promptly as well as let me know when the head arrived. The communication was awesome and Id highly recommend her!
    5. LordNoir bought a Volks DD Neris head from me and it was a very pleasant transaction! Communication was great, payment came quickly with no issue. I would gladly do business with again. Thank you much!
    6. Sold my AOD An to LordNoir, lots of wonderful conversation and no problems what so ever!
    7. I sold my Souldoll NL male body to LordNoir, communication was great, payment was fast, d she let me know as soon as he arrived. I would definitely work with her again! ^^
    8. I bought my 53cm SG Iris from LordNoir, and she is AMAZING. I messaged her with questions about SQ Lab and she answered very quickly and gave me all the information I asked for. She is so sweet. She also shipped my doll out very quickly, and even gave me some things with her :) Whenever I want to get an SQ lab doll, it will be through her, because I trust her and she is amazing <3 Thank you so much for my doll!
    9. I bought 3 wigs from Alicia and everything about the transaction was perfect. Alicia responded quickly to my messages and shipped immediately. Items arrived and was exactly as pictured in the sales post. I would not hesitate in doing business with Alicia again.