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Feedback for Lorentine

Mar 11, 2009

    1. :chocoberryFabulous feedback for Anette! She bought a MSD from me and all aspects of the sale from initial inquiry to payment and delivery conformation were quick and concise. Definitely recommended for any transaction.:thumbup:):thumbup
    2. Lorentine participated in my Dollmore GO. Pleasure to deal with and great with communication. Would do business with her again.
    3. Lorentine Purchased some Unao Hands From Me.
      She Paid Prompty & Was great to Work with. I Would do business with her again.
    4. Lovely Lorentine took part in my Dollmore GO and was absolutely brilliant. Paid quickly, took part in our little forum chats and helped make this GO incredibely successful anf fun o run. THANKYOU!
    5. Participated in a LeekeGo run by Lorentine, while I had concerns at the beginning about communication, she pulled through. My item was shipped and arrived very quickly, thank you.
    6. Lorentine joined my recent Fairyland Group Order and has been absolutely fantastic ^_^ She is really lovely to talk to and her communication throughout has been flawless <3 She paid very fast and I am looking forward to working with her again in the next one! :D Thank you very much Lorentine ^_^
    7. I was in a GO that Lorentine had, and also bought some doll clothes from her. Everything went smoothly and she's easy and fun to communicate with.
      I look forward to working with her again :D

      *hugs Lorri*
    8. Lorentine is a great buyer! Fast payment and excellent communication.
      Thanks for the smooth transaction! :D
    9. Lorentine participated in my late June Nine9 Style group order and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Communication is consistently flawless and payments were made with swiftness. I'm confident that our future dealings with be just as wonderful as this transaction was.

      :bcake Thank you for choosing to participate in one of my group orders! I hope that your experience was an enjoyable one! :bcake
    10. Lorentine joined a Leeke World group order I ran.
      The communication was smooth and overall process went perfect. Recommended buyer!

      Thank you. ^^
    11. Lorentine sold me a doll.

      Communication was great and she was adorable when we had some issues after the doll arrived, she proposed a partial refund. She's a very good seller and I would be pleased to do business with her again.
    12. Lorentine took part in another of my Fairyland Group Orders and was once again wonderful to deal with ^_^ Communication was fantastic, she paid promptly and is still as lovely as ever <3 Can't fault her, and I'd be delighted to work with her again :aheartbea
    13. Lorentine took part in my fifth Glass Eyes group order as well as my late September Nine9 Style group order. On both accounts, she was once again a pleasure to deal with and she's more than welcome to join any of my future group orders should the need arise.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for being consistent! :pcake:bcake
    14. I was part of a spilt organised by Lorentine, she kept updating the site, and was a wonderful organiser...thanks Anette :aheartbea
    15. Purchased a Soom Beyla from Lorentine! She's wonderful to work with and despite some minor hiccups in transit the doll got home safely! I'd definitely do business with her again.
    16. I purchased a LTF Ante Elf sleeping faceplate from Lorentine. She was very nice to deal with, no problems at all and I'm very happy with the transaction. Oh and the faceplate was so well packed that I can't even imagine a way to pack it even better! Thank you again, love my new girl (or well part of her anyway hehe) :)
    17. I bought a doll from Lorentine.
      The communication was great and she is really friendly.
      A great seller! Thank you again!
    18. I bought a Little Fee Bisou sleeping faceplate from her. Although communication wasn't really good (sometimes it took her many days to answer PMs), she was friendly and kind and sent me the faceplate very very well packed.

      (Lorentine, I tried to send you a PM, but it seems like you have reached your limit of PM storage :()
    19. I purchased a MNF Juri head from Lorentine. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with. :D

      She was friendly and responded to all PMs quickly. The transaction went very smoothly and I received my Juri head, wrapped with love and care, in perfect condition. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      I would highly recommend Lorentine. Thank you so much!