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Feedback for Lorti

Nov 10, 2009

    1. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Hello! Please post your marketplace feedback for me here! Generally, I'm doing the buying not the selling, but I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave me some kudos either way! Thank you for your time!
    2. Your first feedback (yaay, so glad I'm the one to leave it!)

      Lorti purchased a mini psp from me with a custom made screen.
      Absolutely wonderful buyer! Friendly & clear communication, fast payment. What else can you wish for as a seller? :)

      Thank you for a wonderful transaction, and till next time!
    3. Lorti bought a hat from me, very polite and paid right away! Let me know as soon as she received the item :) recommended!
    4. I bought a wonderful Iplehouse Tatiana from Lorti and she was so polite and friendly to work with. She shipped right away, gave me the tracking number, and packed everything very securely, and nothing was left out. :)
    5. Lorti bought a kanzashi from me. Paid instantly, stayed in contact, all around wonderful buyer. Thank you!
    6. Sold a customised furwig to Lorti. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    7. Lorti commissioned a hoodie from my store. Lorti had great communication and was a such pleasure to work with! A+! Thanks so much! ^^
    8. I bought a pair of eyes and a wig from Lorti and she was very nice and quick sending the items the very next day. Everything looked exactly like the photos, I'm very happy with the wig and eyes! I would definitely buy from her again. :D
    9. I bought a Unoa Lusis hybrid from Lorti.
      Shipped very fast and excellent communication throughout the entire transaction.
      Everything arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier.
      I would definitely buy from her again. :)
    10. I bought a DOB Ligra from Lorti. She was packaged safely and came to me very fast. :) I am very happy with her and she kept great communication. I would buy firm her again any day <3
    11. I bought a Luts Delf If from Lorti. She shipped very quickly, everything was packaged securely, and communication was excellent throughout. She even included an extra wig! I would happily recommend buying from Lorti to anyone :)
    12. wonderful transaction. I bought a yo-sd outfit from her and everything was perfect. Kept great communication the whole time, and replied to every pm very quickly. I highly recommend her. I will buy/sell with her again. Thank you
    13. Perfect transaction.I bought a Fairyland Littlefée Ante from Lorti. She shipped very quickly and everything was packaged safely.Communication was excellent. She included some extra gift! I highly recommend her.
      Thank you so much!
    14. I did a transaction with Lorti for a MSD wig. Everything went perfectly and I love my wig. She was wonderful to deal with and I highly reccomend her as a seller.

      I purchased a very cute *American Girl brand, doll laptop for my MSD doll, and it is fantastic! So cute and full of win! I would definitely be a part of another transaction with Lorti! Thanks a million! :D
    16. I purchased a pair of MSD-sized maryjanes from Lorti, and she was a great seller! Super-fast shipping and quick communication! I couldn't ask for more~ :D
    17. I bought a pair of lilac 16 mm eyes from Lorti and everything went smoothly. She sent them out very quickly and packed them well so that they were not damaged. Recommended!

      This is my second transaction with Lorti, and again I am very pleased! I purchased a very beautiful white msd wig from her - and it was exactly as described, brand new and soft! I would never hesitate to deal with Lorti! She is fabulous to work with! Thanks again!!! :aheartbea
    19. Thank you for the great transaction and the doll body was perfect. Thanks again!