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Feedback for lossefaire

Jul 8, 2007

    1. I'm creating this since lossefaire doesn't have one :)
      She participated in a group order organised by me, we have had a very good communication, and lossefaire is really a nice person. :aheartbea

      Thanks so much!
    2. Lossefaire bought a pair of eyes from me, and the whole transaction went wonderfully! Friendly pms & quick payment! Thanks again. ^_^
    3. Lossefaire commissioned an outfit from me. She's been really sweet and patient about the unexpected delays. Thank you very much! :)
    4. loosefaire participated in my urethane eyes group preorder and she is a wonderful sweet buyer:D
      She is very lovely to deal with plus very quick in payment too~ :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
      Thank you so much for the very smooth transaction too loosefaire~:chibi
    5. loosefaire bought some clothes from me ~~ she is soo lovely and sweetie~=3=
      hope you children like my work~
    6. lossefaire bought a SD t-shirt from me and she was very sweet to communicate with and sent her payment quickly. I would totally do business with her again! :D
    7. I can't believe I didn't leave feedback sooner *smacks my own hand*

      I sold an SD13 body to loseefaire. She was amazing to chat with (I really enjoyed it) and paid when she said she would as well. Allow her to buy your dolls - she doesn't disappoint! :D :D
    8. I sold doll eyes to lossefaire. She paid quickly and had great communications. A pleasure to do business with!
    9. I purchased a piki winking face from lossefaire and couldn't have wished for a better transaction. Quick to respond to a PM, fast shipping, and great about letting me know that it has shipped. It was well packed and exactly as described. Definitely recommended.
    10. If it is appropriate to say, I am also listed in the Good Traders thread. Thanks. :)
    11. Participated in a great/quick minimee order run by Lossefaire. Kept well informed and shipped very quickly. Thanks a bunch!
    12. Me too, me too. Lossefaire coordinated a Minimee group order and it was perfect. Quick ordering, soliciting opinions, great communication and qick shipping. Fantastic!
    13. What they said up there. ^ A really nice experience being in her Minimee GO.

    14. I was also in her minime go order :) she kept us up to date and shipped really fast! thanks for running the go! ^^ :clover
    15. I sold a head to lossefaire on layaway and she was very clear about when payments would be sent and was an absolute pleasure to chat with. She maintained excellent communication throughout the layaway period and I enjoyed this very smooth transaction with her.

      Thank you very much! :)
    16. Loosefaire bought doll eyes from me. A pleasure to do business with once again.
    17. Loosefaire was a so nice and friendly host of group order that I joined.
      I always got fast PMs. Thank you.
    18. Hi all, I want to recommend Jennifer (lossefaire) to all of you, She shipped quickly with TLC and is a Delight to buy from..Love my new olive eyes and so do my girls!
      don't be shy, buy,buy and buy!
      :aheartbea Thank you Jennifer :aheartbea
    19. Lossefaire is a FANTASTIC BUYER!! :3 She bought my Enchanted Doll Milky eyes and I'm so glad that she loves them!:D Excellent communication and she let me know right away when she's received them.
      Speedy & prompt payment & very reliable! I recommend her to all sellers! ^^

      Thank you for a very smooth & pleasant transaction!!
    20. I bought two pair of eyes from loosefaire~~
      they are soo wonderful~ oh dear~ your are really my sweetheart~~>_<~~~
      thanks soo much~~~~