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Feedback for LotusMoon

Feb 21, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback if you have had transactions with me. Thank you!
    2. LotusMoon bought an El-head from me.
      Prompt payment, good communication,
      this was a very positive transaction.
    3. She purchased my Breakaway head.
      She was wonderful to work with, giving prompt payment and keeping up with good communication (^-^.
    4. LotusMoon purchased a sleeping vampire woosoo from me. I enjoyed dealing with her. Fast and easy communication as well as prompt payment.

      I recommend her to all!


    5. Lotusmoon bought from me, she was great to deal with. I recommend her to anyone.
    6. great to work with and very nice! ^__^ would love to work with again
    7. She bought a wig from me,
      and was a great buyer to deal with,
      pleasant and prompt in both communications and payment.

      Thanks again, LotusMoon!
    8. LotusMoon was part of my Migidoll group order. She was great to work with, paid on time and communicated well. Thanks very much for being part of the order!! :aheartbea
    9. LotusMoon bought a Lishe Boy from me on a layaway. She was the perfect buyer - kept in touch, paid promptly, and was very friendly to talk to.

      Enjoy your new doll!
    10. LotusMoon participated one of my ED GO and I had a wonderful transaction with her:)
      She's very prompt in payment, great in communication and she even take the time to
      email me and let me know she received the package safely! She is a very sweet and friendly person too! Highly recommended, A+++++ Thanks so much again LotusMoon~!:D
    11. LotusMoon bought a Volks Ryoya head from me on layaway, and she was a fabulous buyer! Great communication, prompt with payments and always polite. A real pleasure to deal with, I'm so glad he went to someone as lovely as she is:)
    12. LotusMoon joined my 4D order. Payments were prompt, communication was great. People like LotusMoon make group orders a pleasure and a breeze. POSITIVE! More than welcome to join my orders any time. :) Thanks!
    13. Lotus Moon bought an Amber head from me and she was absolutely wonderful to deal with. I had some trouble with internet access, but she was really nice and understanding. She paid really fast, let me know as soon as the head arrived and was great to talk to :0 :) :)
    14. I just completed a commission for LotusMoon and it couldn't have gone more beautifully. Payment was super-speedy. Communications were prompt and friendly. LotusMoon was a joy to deal with throughout and I hope to deal with her again!
    15. LotusMoon bought boots for 70cm boy from me. It was a smooth and very pleasant transaction. Communication with LotusMoon was perfect - quick, clear and friendly, she paid very fast and let me know as soon as the boots arrived. She is really wonderful to deal with, I'll gladly deal with her again! Thank you!!! :)
    16. LotusMoon bought a preorder suit set from me. great communication and very nice and gentle. the designer send a hat by mistake , LotusMoon is so nice to ship it back to us thank you so much and looking forward to serve you XD
    17. Lotusmoon purchased some MSD shoes and jeans from me, and was quick to make payment and let me know as soon as the items arrived! She was wonderful to deal with and is an excellent buyer. An A+++ transaction! :3
    18. LotusMoon sold me a vamp Woosoo head, and everything went perfectly. Very fast and friendly communication, fast shipping - I couldn't ask for more! Thank you again! :)
    19. LotusMoon purchased an outfit from me and the transaction went great! Quick payment, good comunication and an overall wonderful buyer. Thanks so much! ^_^
    20. I bought a Williams Wig from LotusMoon and can only say nice things about her. Communication was excellent and she always gave me updates on it. Shipping was fast and wig is beautiful. Thanks again for a "Perfect Transaction: