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Feedback for Loveless-mitsukai

Aug 17, 2010

    1. Loveless-mitsukai purchased from me a MD SOOM Bygg some weeks ago and i can swear she is one of the nicest persons of DoA. She paid in an split of an eye and was so kind and patience while talking to me ^^. Also let me know when she got his little one ^^. I would love to deal with her again in future without any doubt at all .

      Thank you so much sweetie !!
    2. Loveless-mitsukai purchased a Dollzone girl from me. She paid quickly and told me as soon as the package had arrived. Thank you :)
    3. Sold a MSD dress set to her.

      Good buyer,good communication,very nice person.

      Highly recommended!

    4. I bought a Domuya Venturo from Loveless-mitsukai.
      She was very nice to communicate with, friendly and helpful on the mails, answering questions and so on. I even asked her not to clean the boy since I'm going to restore him and was going to save her the time and work. She did not mind sending him uncleaned to me. I'm so happy about this boy, the opportunity to make him into a beautiful boy. She sent the doll really fast and I can't complain on anything with this purchase.
    5. i sold a body to Loveless-mitsukai. great transaction. highly recommend doing business with her. enjoy.
    6. Loveless-Mitsukai bought a Pukifee Zio from me! We worked out a 2 payment layaway and everything went smoothly! Fantastic communication!

      I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you for a wonderful transaction and I hope you enjoy the new doll!