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Feedback for LoveLily

Jul 2, 2011

    1. Welcome to my feedback thread! Please post feedback here! THANK YOU!!! :sumomo:
    2. LoveLily commissioned me for a Spice and Wolf, Horo, outfit. She was awesome throughout the entire transaction; gave me clear descriptions, as well as reference pics, on the outfit that made things easier for me. Payment was quick too! I would love to deal with her again. :D
    3. LoveLilly bought an outfit from me, fast pay, great communication! Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again! :D
    4. I bought a Resin Soul Yu from LoveLily. She mailed the doll within 12 hours and I received her in three. The package included lots of extras. The doll was gorgeous and exactly as described! I heartily recommend LoveLily and would not hesitate to buy from her again!
    5. LoveLily sold her DSLR to me on here~ It came in absolute excellent condition and exactly what she described it to be! The packaging was great and she answered every single question I had about it before I bought it~ Thank you so much!
    6. I purchased a cute little 5Stardoll Tong-Tong from LoveLily. Very fast shipment I purchased on Sunday and had my adorable girl in my hands Wensday. She came exactly as described, I'm so happy! Would love doing business with again!
    7. LoveLily commissioned some custom eyes from me and it was a fantastic transaction! Pleasure to deal with, great communication, and even shared some photos with me <3 THANK YOU!!!
    8. I just sold a wig to LoveLilly and the transaction was perfect. Speedy payment and communication was a pleasure :)
    9. I bought a wig from LoveLily. It came lightning fast! 2 days! Communication was great, I would definitely buy from LoveLily again!
      Thank you!!!
    10. LoveLily purchase a LeekeWorld Wig from me and she was really sweet, communication was quick and doing business with her was a pleasure! Thank you! :]
    11. LoveLily bought a Fir Wings of Memory outfit set from me. Payment was prompt and she was kind enough to let me know when she got the outfit. I would be happy to do business with her again. Thank you!
    12. Though I wasn't overly happy with her method of asking me for a different price on the doll I sold her, I can say that this buyer is quick to respond and quick to pay which is all a seller really wants haha.
    13. If you are curious about my methods, here is our conversation:

      [h=2]Re: Discontinued Momocolor Tasha[/h]
      I just checked PayPal and it went through perfectly fine :). Your new little girl should be sent out Monday at the latest. IF I get a chance to send her tomorrow I'll give you all the information. Take care and you'll of course hear from me soon with updates.

      [​IMG] Originally Posted by LoveLily
      Yay! Thank you so much! I'm so excited!!! I just sent the money via paypal. Please ship her to:

      Thanks again!

      Originally Posted by Aram_Kepley
      $200 is $8 less than estimated shipping... That being said I really need to pay off this semesters school fees so I'll accept it. My email address is: If you'll send your address again I should be able to send the doll to you no later than Monday.

      Originally Posted by LoveLily
      Will you take $200 shipped in the original box? If so, send me your paypal information so we can send the money!

      Originally Posted by Aram_Kepley
      Sorry I didn't cut down the post I'm currently out of the house and replying on my phone. I estimated through USPS and it should be around $18 if I ship her in her in her original box. If I ship her in one of ther smaller boxes of course it would be less haha. Does that sound alright with you?

      Originally Posted by LoveLily
      I can understand that! I talked to my husband and he would like to know how much shipping would be! Our address is . If the shipping price is fair, I will definitely take the doll.

      Originally Posted by Aram_Kepley
      Unfortunately, though I need the money I will have to decline $175. If you could go at least to $190 plus shipping I would definitely agree however. Considering the fact that this particular doll has been discontinued, and I paid a lot for her and received less than I am selling her with, I really feel that my rebuttal price is the lowest I can go. Her full faceup really does not need to be wiped considering the fact that the paint applied to the top was never sealed and the rest of her makeup is in pristine condition. As for not being a fullset she never really was a fullset to begin with to the best of my knowledge. I hope this is an agreeable price for you.


      Originally Posted by LoveLily
      Since I would have to wipe and repaint the head and it doesn't come with full set, would you take $175 shipped? I need to talk it over with my husband but before I present the doll to him, I want to have a price nailed down. Thank you!

    14. I bought five beautifully made doll jewelry from LoveLily. She's very friendly and she shipped out my order very quickly. She also packages her jewelry in a very professional manner. Plus, she also added a gift. I couldn't have had a smoother transaction and I would be very happy to do business with her again. Thank you again, LoveLily.