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~Feedback for [[Lovely_L]]~

Mar 19, 2008

    1. HI~~~~
      This is Louise's feedback thread ~
      If I have had a transaction with you~
      Please leave feedback here~
      Thank you very much:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    2. A while ago, I bought some boots from lovely_L.
      Although they arrived safe, the boots run a little big at the top, and it look lovely_L forever to ship. I would have to ask when the boots would go out, and would receive an answer. When that date came, they weren't shipped.
      I do appreciate the boots actually arriving, because they are nice-looking, but honestly wouldn't go through this again. ^-^;
    3. I had a wonderful transaction with lovely_L. I purchased a pair of boots and two pairs of stockings, and communication was great. They arrived quickly, from HK to NY in a week, and I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you :)
    4. I bought some boots from Louise and the transaction was quick and easy. The shipping time was later than expected, but I am patient so it was ok. The boots I recieved are good quality! Thanks :3
    5. I ordered several pairs of tights, they're all really nice - great colours and fabric at a good price. Thanks very much!
    6. shipping was quick, transactions were smooth.
      BUT, my pair of shoes had a small nick on it.
      other than that, everything was great.
    7. Bougth boots and stockings from Louise
      and the boots are AWESOME!!! LOVE THEM!!! :D

      many thanks for smooth transaction ^^
    8. Bougth boots and stockings from Louise
      and the boots are great!! I really like them.

      smooth transaction.
    9. I bought stockings from lovely_L, and she was great to deal with!! Always prompt with replying my PMs, and kept me updated with my order. Thank you so much! Hope to buy from you again! :clover
    10. I've bought a pair of boots from Louise and they are awesome!
      She informed me when she sent my package too :)
      Thanks a lot ^^
    11. I brought a pair of boots from Lovely_L, very impressed with the shipping time, arrived safely in less then a week! I'd recommend high heeled feet for a better fit, but communication was great and I'm very please ^-^

      Thanks again!
    12. I bought a pair of girl's Boots from Lovely_L, Communication was great and the package arrived on time and safely. The boots are very well done. It was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks a lot! :)
    13. I bought a pair of brown sh1001 shoes from Lovely_L in msd size. They arrived in perfect condition, but were way too big for my mini... HOWEVER, my roomie has a delf girl and the shoes fit her perfectly, so she's bought them off of me 8D This is also especially great for her, because she bought the exact same shoes (sh1001) in sd size only to find that they were too big for her girl- closer to hound size. She was pretty bummed about it, but through my mistake she managed to get exactly what she wanted! HAPPY ENDINGS
    14. Lovely_L was a pleasure to do business with and the items arrived quickly, thanks ^_^
    15. Bought 3 sets of boots from Lovely_L and she was a pleasure to deal with. Shipping was fact and communication excellent. Would definitely transact with again!