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*~* Feedback for Lovepink *~*

Oct 7, 2007

    1. Hi ! :aheartbea
      If I have bought something from you or If I have sold you something:)
      Pleas leave your feedbacks for me hear ,and
      I have feedbacks one eBay "123opps":aheartbea
    2. I sol a Roxy Eun-U head to Lovepink and she was quite communicative and was a great buyer. She paid promptly and I would do business with her again.
    3. Elaine is the greatest! She is super nice and very friendly! She bought a Peak's Wood Young Marie doll from me and paid very promptly! Thanks again!
    4. This lovely lady bought a Chiwoo Vamp head from me, and it was a SUPER transaction. She paid with lightning speed, and she is very easy to communicate with.

      Thanxx 4 a great transaction!

    5. Elaine is a great person to deal with..I resently did 3 faceups for her..she is sooo friendly and great to work with! What a pleasure...:)

    6. Lovepink commissioned me for a faceup. She was great to deal with.
      She paid and replied superfast. Thank you for this smooth transaction :)
    7. Lovepink bought a Soom Girl body from me, and it was a great transaction. Elaine is a pleasant person to deal with!
    8. She bought a CP body from me, and had good communication, and made it a very nice transaction!
    9. Lovepink bought a dress from me. She was very pleasant to communicate with and she paid for the item quickly. Would definitely do business with her again. :]
    10. Excellent transaction with Lovepink. I sold a pair of shoes and an outfit to her. She paid quickly and communication was great. I would definitely do business with her again. :)
    11. She ordered Momo head thru me last year.
      Quick payment and excellent transaction with her!
    12. Awesome to deal with. Thanks :)
    13. Elaine bought a blouse and a pair of pants from me and she is wonderful to deal with!! :D Communication is always fast and friendly, payment is super fast, and it was an overall very smooth transaction. I highly recommend her!!

      Thank you so much again for everything Elain, it's been a pleasure~ :aheartbea
    14. Lovepink bought a MSD sized poncho from me which have been mailed today.

      Payment, communication - everything as it should be - thank you!
    15. I sold a pair of Musedoll legwarmers to Lovepink; great transaction, thanks so much!
    16. Lovepink requested a face-up from me, and the transaction was smooth and perfect. Very friendly and lightning fast payment, thanks so much! :)
    17. Elaine participated in my Corpse bride minimee order. She paid quickly, kept great comunication throughout the whole process and was a delight to work with :) I would recomend her anytime!
    18. Lovepink is such a great pleasure to sell to!! I highly recommend her as a very valued customer as she always has the most excellent communication all throughout the transaction, always pays promptly, lets you know when the package arrives and leaves feedback which is so thoughtful! Lovepink, you are the best!! Thank you:D
    19. Sold a doll head to Lovepink. Very good transaction. +++
    20. Sold a Luts body to Lovepink. Everything went perfect ^^ Pays promptly and good communication. Thank you!