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Feedback for Luckybetts

Feb 21, 2010

    1. I couldn't find a thread for LuckyBetts, mods if there is one please merge?

      LuckyBetts bought a Gretel head with pixie ears and a pair of glass eyes from me and the transaction was great! Wonderful communication, paid on agreed date, a very nice person to deal with! I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. :)
    2. Hi! I am happy to have dealt with you - Thank you for leaving feedback!
    3. LuckyBetts bought a Dollcatch Erenne & Jade from me. She paid promptly and maintained communication throughout the transaction. Great buyer, highly recommended. A+++
    4. I had a good transaction with LuckyBetts! She paid quickly and had very friendly communication too! Thanks again! :)
    5. LuckyBetts was fantastic! Had a wonderful transaction! Bought and paid for her item quickly, and had really good communication. Thank you so much for your business.
    6. Sold two goofy heads to LuckyBetts, not only did she pay fast, but she is highly entertaining as well! A recommended buyer! Would sell again ;)
    7. I sold a DDII body to LuckyBetts, and it was a fantastic transaction. =^i^= I highly recommend her, and would do business again with her anytime! :D
    8. Great transaction, paid in a timely manner was a pleasure to work with, highly recommended buyer ^^
    9. I just sold a Volks DD NS Bust to LuckyBetts-san! She was super friendly, fast, professional and kind!!!!! Super buyer and highly recommended!! I would deal with her again without any hesitation!!!
      True asset to DoA!!

      Thanks again!
      God bless!!

    10. I sold a Volks White Cat Chris wig to LuckyBetts and the transaction was fabulous! She paid promptly and kept great communication. Definitely recommended! Thanks!
    11. LuckyBetts bought my Dollmore Bella Auden on layaway. She was super nice and we actively discussed the plans for the doll. She was pleasant to work with and was always timely with payments or notified me if there was going to be a delay. I'm glad Bella Auden got to go to a nice new owner!

      I would definitely work with her again!
    12. LuckyBetts just finished a layaway for my Soom Cass. It was a very smooth and pleasant transaction. She is an excellent buyer.
    13. LuckyBetts purchased several wigs from me. She paid promptly and kept excellent communication. thanks so much for the super smooth transaction
    14. LuckyBetts bought a Dollmore Model girl from me over a layaway period. Wonderful to work with. Super nice. 8D~
    15. LuckyBetts brought a Jungatoy Skull head from me and it was a perfect transaction from start to finish! :D Thank you so much!

    16. LuckyBetts bought a Minimee head from me. A great buyer: paid promptly, clear communication, and she let me know when it arrived. I'd gladly do business with her again. Thank you for a smooth, pleasant transaction! Enjoy the MNM head!
    17. LuckyBetts bought my Epidos Unikenta body on layaway. Everything went smoothly and she was always pleasant to deal with. She also let me know when he arrived safely. I would definitely transact with them again! Thank you! :)
    18. LuckyBetts purchased an Elfdoll body from me. She paid promptly and let me know when the body arrived. Thanks so much!
    19. LuckyBetts bought an Obitsu Gretel head off of me. She paid promptly and told me when the item arrived! Thank you very much!
    20. participated in my Nobility Doll Custom Mermaid Body GO. Quick payment, great communication, and also very patient with the long wait time. Great person to work with, I would not hesitate to do so again :)