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Feedback for Lugi-moo!!

Jan 4, 2008

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread for you, Lugi-moo, so I made you one.

      I bought a doll head from Lugi-moo and he's totally perfect and clean!
      She shipped quickly and he was waiting for me when I got back from my vacation overseas. :)
      I highly recommend her!
      Thankies again!!!
    2. Oh my goodness, I'm so lazy. I can't believe I've never made one of these before. My apologies to any customers (potential or otherwise) who were a tad leary of doing business with me due to my lack of DoA feedback. :sweat

      OK, so...erm...I guess anyone who has ever bought something from me, or I've purchased from can post here about our dealings and what not.

      I hope no one has had any problems, I don't recall there being any, but, better safe than sorry.

      Thanks everyone! :D
    3. weird...ok for some reason I can't edit my post, but anyway I wanted to add that I also apologize for not leaving feedback on most people. I'm very bad about doing that and I know I shouldn't....but...um...everyone has been great! XD
    4. Bought a Breakaway head from her~
      Communication was great-couldn't ask for better and although there were a few bumps along the way, it couldn't be avoided, so I'm really happy with how this transaction turned out.
      The head arrived sort of dirty but nothing a little isopropyl alcohol can't get rid off and it probably was expected. :)
      All in all, Lugi-moo comforted me and reinsured me that this transaction was going to smoothly and it did. Very happy with the head and the mods done was just fantastic. Trully happy with it.
      Thanks for my first, Lugi-moo! :aheartbea
    5. I purchased a Domuya Sophie head from Lugi-moo. I could not have asked for a smoother transaction... great communication, answered all my newbie questions, excellent price! The head was perfect, and packaged extremely well!

      Thanks again Lugi-moo and thanks for the little pin too! :)
    6. hi i bought a cute Narsha Boy from her. the comunicate between us was very nice. the doll is very nice and was packaged verry safety.^__^thanks a lot.
      and thanks for the clothes for him.
    7. purchased the horns as part of the beryl split that lugi-moo did. great communication throughout the transaction. the horns arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. overall a satisfactory transaction.

      thanks again lugi-moo! :)
    8. I was also part of the Beryl Split and transaction went well. My huge wings arrived safely!
    9. Very cool transaction. Concise communication. Fun to deal with. Would definitely buy from again.
    10. I purchased a Leeke wig from Lugi-moo. Great communication, good seller, would buy from again, item exactly as described.
    11. Lugi-moo purchased a wig from me on the Markpetplace. Paid quickly and let me know when it arrived safe and sound. A great transaction!
    12. Lugi-moo bought a wig from me, and everything went great. Thank you so much! :)
    13. I bought a body from Lugi-moo, and the transaction was wonderful. She shipped it really fast and it was packed well. Thanks! :)
    14. Lugi-moo purchased a fur wig from me and was a fantastic buyer! Great with communication, quick with payment, and let me know as soon as it arrived, as requested. Thanks for a great transaction!
    15. Lugi-moo purchased a Volks Girl body from me and everything went very smoothly. She paid promptly. Very good communication and she let me know right away when the body arrived. ^^
      There was a small misunderstanding but glad to know its solved. XD

      Thank you very much for being an excellent and understanding buyer! Hope you will love the body. ^^ !!
    16. Did a trade with Lugi-moo - my YoSD for Lugi-moo's SD13 boy body. Communication was super fast, as was shipping, and everything went smoothly, just perfect!

      Thank you so much, Lugi-moo, and enjoy Colin!
    17. Participate in a split that host by Lugi-moo I purchase the head of Ryoya communication was fast at the start of the split then hit problem when the doll arrive she has problem taking the hotglue eyes off but eventually we got there. She pack the head nicely and the heard arrive to me safely.
    18. Lugi-moo was in my recent Dollmore GO and was a pleasure to work with! I received my payments fast an also got great communication! Thanks for being a participant, we wouldn't have made our goal without you! :)
    19. I asked Lugi-moo to purchase Ryoya's School Uniform for me from Volks (since she ordered her Ryoya directly from the Volks website and I did not). There was some confusion with the Volks lottery process, but it was figured out in the end. I received the uniform promptly from Lugi-moo in its original packaging. Thank you, Lugi-moo! ^_^
    20. I purchased an Unoa L-bi from Lugi-moo on a short layaway. She was very kind to me despite my erratic payments and shipped him out soon after I paid him off. He was packaged extremely well and is just so cute in person~ I love him and this whole transaction was very nice. :) Thanks for letting me adopt this sweet boy! <3