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~Feedback for Lullaby~

Oct 30, 2008

    1. Dear, please leave feedback for me here~~~
      Thank you so much!! >w<
    2. Very positive feedback!
      excellent transaction and communication, very fast & very good person! :33
    3. I bought a Migidoll head from her. Communication was great. He was just as pictured and even though my post office mangled the box, she packed him so well he arrived safely, great job! Great seller!
    4. I purchased a SOOM Spinel head from Lullaby! The transaction went extremely smoothly, and he arrived swiftly and safely with top-notch communication. Thanks again! ^^
    5. I have purchase my two Hound from Lullaby and have been a great c they came in perfect condition and we have great chat throughout I can't be happier. Lullaby have been patients and very helpful as well thank you!!
      Here your two boy's first photo in their new home:
    6. Thank you so much cutemeow!!
      I'm very happy to get to know you~
      You must be the best owner and the boys are so lucky!!!
      Thanks the picture!!*hug*
    7. I bought a breakaway '08 ws from Lullaby.
      The head is in perfect condition, with a gorgeous make up and a lot of items. ^^
      Good price, great communication. I love her.

      Thanks for all.
    8. I bought my Ami from Lullaby, and she was great throughout the transaction. Very quick and friendly communication, fast shipping and the doll herself is in great condition. Would definitely recommend her as a seller - thanks again! :3nodding:
    9. I bought a Volks SD16 Kira head from Lullaby. Everything was perfect. The communication was friendly, and she mailed it very fast. And extra safely packaged! Awesome seller!!! Definitely recommend her!

      Thank you again!! *___*
    10. I bought a Volks Luna from Lullaby. The communication was great and friendly. She mailed it very quickly. Great seller! Thanks!
    11. I bought Sa Bermann from Lullaby on layaway. Everything went great and she was very patient! :)
      My boy is finally home and he is perfect!
    12. Bought a Dollshe body from lullaby. She was friendly, very fast on mailing and quickly on replying. Body was packed very securely and arrived perfectly.
      Thank you very much!
    13. I bought the Bermann Original 77 from lullaby on layaway. She is perfect selle - friedly and courteous. ^^ Very fast shipping after payment. ^^ Excellent packing and the doll in perfect condition. ^^

      Thank you very much for the great deal!
    14. I bought Elysium Hugo head from lullaby. Everything went smoothly, she was quickly and friendly on replying.
      Definitely recommend her as a good seller!^_^
    15. I bought Mihmi from Lullaby and she was very patient and gracious and even sent her without a box to save me money. She arrived in perfect condition and I just love her so much! Thank you!
    16. I purchased a BW Dollshe IM Hound from Lullaby. Due to her exceptional packaging he was in perfect condition, despite arriving with a battered box. She was very patient with me. Thank you so much!
    17. I bought the Louis Doberman outfit set from Lullaby. All of the items looked brand new and they were packaged with care. She was great to deal with and I would highly recommend her as a seller.
    18. lullaby bought a Volks Luna head from me and I am so happy with the transaction~! Her communication was wonderfully fast and friendly ^-^ She payment was very speedy and lullaby informed me when Luna arrived safe and sound~ A wonderful buyer who I highly recommend. I hope you enjoy Luna very much~ Thank you so much !!
    19. I bought a dollzone baby dragon from Lullaby.
      It was a perfect transaction! Very nice seller, very fast to post the package and the doll is in very good condition!
      thank you!
    20. Lullaby offered me their greyskin Delphine at the Fullset.
      I am most grateful for it, she has left me her beautiful girl.:aheartbea lullaby has responded to my WTB thread and offered me her Delphine. She is very friendly and open. It also accepted my Layaway and informed me.:)
      In general, I can heartily recommend it.
      And at this point I am grateful also to thank her. * cuddle *:whee: