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Feedback for Lumaskelbane

Feb 23, 2010

    1. Heya, if you have a transaction with me please leave feedback. I'll make sure to do the same.
    2. I purchased a white gown from Lumaskelbane , the price was amazing and the dress is really beautiful, myuch more lovely than the photos showed or was described. Shipping was also ultra fast and I could not be happier
    3. I bought a pair of B&G elf ears from Lumaskelbane, everything went perfect and very very fast :)

      I hardly recommend her! Thank you a lot!
    4. Lumaskelbane is a Great buyer! She bought a pair of PukiFee hooves from me, kept very good communication, thank you so much! hope you enjoy!!!
    5. Lumaskelbane participated in my Volks GO. Her payment for her item and shipping was very quick and on time, and communication with her was excellent.:) :thumbup
    6. Lumaskelbane purchased some things from my for sale thread. Great transaction. Thanks!!
    7. Lumaskelbane participated in my Iplehouse Group Order, and I couldn't be more pleased. Swift and clear communication, prompt payments, and I was informed when everything made it safely home. A great participant, and I'd gladly do business with her again!
    8. I've had such a wonderful time selling to Lumaskelbane, she commission me for a pair of Oohlalaz thongs and was quick to respond to choice and payment.
      Such an enjoyable Angel and I recommend her to all that buy or sell.
      :chibi Thank you Connie :chibi
    9. Lumaskelbane purchased a pair of SD jeans from me and the transaction was wonder! She was very understanding when I had to delay shipping. Thanks so much! I'd do business with her again in a heartbeat!
    10. i sold a tiny to lumaskelbane and everything went great!
    11. I don't think I ever left feedback for this! Lumaskelbane bought some clothing from me and was wonderful! Thank you so much~! :3
    12. Lumaskelbane participated in The SWAP Swap; my gifties arrived super quickly~ Thanks again :)
    13. Lumaskelbane was my partner in "The Swap Swap" and her package came super fast and the items she sent were perfect for my boy!
    14. Lumaskelbane bought MSD clothes from me. Very friendly buyer, good communications. Payment was fast and it was a perfect transaction. Would definitely recommend her as a buyer!!!!