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Feedback for lunarbreeze

Mar 27, 2012

    1. Hello everyone! :)This is my feedback thread, so if I have bought anything from you, or if I've sold anything, please leave feedback for me here. Thank you for doing business with me! :aheartbeaRana
    2. lunarbreeze bought a doll from me. She was very friendly, patient and let me know as soon as the doll arrived to her. I would definately recommend dealing with her. Thanks again :)
    3. lunarbreeze bought some shoes from me and transaction was excellent! lunarbreeze was very friendly and quick with payment and PMs. Would love to do business again. Thanks so much!
    4. Sold some pink resin wings to lunarbreeze, she was lovely to deal with and paid very promptly. Thanks again so much!
    5. Lunarbreeze just bought a dress from me, and it was a delight to do business with her! She was friendly and quick about communicating by PM, paid immediately, and was nice enough to let me know when the package arrived. I hope I'll get the chance to sell to or buy from her again soon! :fangirl:
    6. I sold Yosd Wig to lunarbreeze. Excellent feedback for this buyer. lunarbreeze has been extremely patient and understanding. Prompt payment and is a recommended buyer to any seller. Thank you very much for the purchase!
    7. Sold Volks SD10 shoes to her....great thank you! :)
    8. lunarbreeze bought two dresses from me. She paid right away, let me know when her package arrived and generally was wonderful to deal with. A very considerate buyer!
    9. lunarbreeze purchased on layaway my Volks school B head. it was an excellent transaction with prompt communication and timely payments. lunarbreeze was a pleasure to do business with:)

      thanks lunarbreeze!

    10. lunarbreeze purchase cute dog from me.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks very much .^^
    11. The no. 1 buyer !
      I can't really say the transaction is smooth, the post was delayed for dome unknown reasons. But over the entire period Rana trusted me and waited really patiently. And when the parcel finally arrives, she told me immediately to relieve me from anxiety. Thanks so much Rana ! I really appropriate your trust and understanding!
    12. Lunarbreeze purchased green 18mm Volks glass eyes from me. She was a lovely buyer, with great communication and prompt payment!
    13. Lunarbreeze bought a Volks dress from me, and the transaction went very smoothly. ^^ Thanks!
    14. Lunarbreeze bought a Volks Original D head from me via layaway. She paid the layaway off early, was wonderful with communication, and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much! Positive!
    15. Bought a wig from me, she is friendly to communicate with and paid right away. Thank you ^__^!
    16. I sold a Rosenlied Beige to lunarbreeze and it was a fabulous transaction. Thank you so much and enjoy! :fangirl:
    17. lunarbreeze bought a pair of high heel shoes from me. She was fast with payment and everything went smooth. ^^
      Great buyer. I Highly recommend her! :3
    18. lunarbreeze bought a Yosd size outfit from me. She is friendly and paid right away. She also let me know when the package arrived. I just love everything went so smooth. :)
      Thank you so much. :D