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Feedback for LuvPetdolls

Dec 29, 2008

    1. Please post feedback for me here. Thanks!
    2. Since I couldn't find a thread for LuvPetDolls...

      LuvPetDolls just bought a Volks SD sized outfit from me. She paid very quickly and was always friendly and responsive in PMs. I look forward to engaging in future transactions with her. :bellcookie
    3. I sold a Tan Soom Godo to LuvPetdolls. She paid quickly, arranged a partial split for an outfit I wanted and kept in contact. Thanks so much! :)
    4. I bought a pair of DH boots from LuvPetdolls. Great communication and fast shipping! Would definetely buy from again. ^__^
    5. LuvPetdolls sold me a Alice Cherry Blossom outfit. It was in great shape and came as described. Price was great, shipping was fast and communication was good. Thanks!
    6. LuvPetdolls sold me a pair of shoes. She shipped super fast! Communication was great.

      Thanks so much!
    7. We traded Rement sets :) Quick shipping and a pleasure to deal with. Would love to do business again!
    8. i bought a euclase meditation head from luvpetdolls she was pleasent to talk with and flexible with my layaway. lightning fast shipping! and well packed to.
      i love my new boy :]
    9. Had a great transaction with LuvPetdolls. She kept in good contact and made a decently fast payment. Very smooth transaction. I would definitely do business with them again. :)
    10. I was in a split for Heliot, and everything went well. LuvPetdolls informed us about the status of the order and shipped my stuff fast. It was a pleasure to deal with you!
    11. Positive! I was in the split for Heliot and I had no problem even if the waiting was long. LuvPetdolls was communicative and very nice to me, so thanks ^^
    12. I bought two shirts and a pair of socks from LuvPetdolls (and got a free pair of super sexy pants, how cool is that?). Very well packaged and fast shipping! Would most certainly buy from again.
    13. I bought Topaz ears and feet from LuvPetdolls - they were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend this seller.^^
    14. I was part of LuvPetdolls' Camellia Dynasty GO. We were kept updated at each step of the order process, and the items were sent out with all speed. <3 Here's to hoping for another GO!
    15. I just completed a fast and successful purchase from LuvPetdolls, for a DZ 60cm girl body. She was good about communication, and letting me know additional info on the body, too. :) :pcake
    16. LuvPetdolls and I did a trade of clothing/shoes/and other stuff. It went GREAT!! Thank you and if you ever want another trade, give me a hollar!
    17. I was part of LuvPetdolls' Camellia Dynasty, and everything was good on her end. Thank you~!