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Feedback for luzzu

Nov 30, 2007

    1. This is a feedback thread about me (luzzu). Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me. I'd really appreciate it.
    2. Iuzzu just purchased an NS Fdoll Tobias Body from me. SUPER fast payment!! Great communication! I would certainly do business with again!!
    3. Luzzo purchased elfdoll Sooah from me recently. Was soooo fantastic to deal with! This was one of the smoothest transactions and Luzzo (Chris) is really sweet. Hope you're enjoying Sooah...
      Thanks again, Chris!

      Steph (aka Steffie)
    4. So sweet, and prompt! I know she'll give my School Head a great home. :)
    5. luzzu commissioned a faceup from me, and she was great to work with! Payment was prompt, she packed the head so well for shipping, and communication was great throughout the transaction! She also took the courtesy to inform me when she received the head. Thank you again! :clover
    6. It's been a year! :XD:

      luzzu commissioned another faceup from me and was great to work with as usual. Super patient and communication was always prompt too! Payment was quick and an overall fuss-free transaction. Thank you again so much for commissioning me! :clover
    7. Luzzu commissioned a face-up from me, She was amazing to deal with and I would love to work with her again! ♥
    8. luzzu participated in my Dollmore GO. He paid promptly, and was wonderful to communicate with. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. Thanks so much!
    9. luzzu purchased an extra Sam Worthington minimee head from me. He was wonderful to work with. Prompt and consistent communication at all times and very polite. Payment was super quick as well. Thank you so much.
    10. luzzu handled shipping out the Lady GaGa minimee heads to those of us in the group in North America and sent her out right away (before I'd even gotten an invoice for what postage would be!) safely and carefully packed and I am most grateful, especially as this GO had its ups and downs but all turned out great in the end!

      Thank you very much!!!!!! :) :) :) :)
    11. luzzu handled local shipping for all of the heads in my Lady Gaga minimee order. The heads were sent out quickly, communication was great the whole time, and he was wonderful to deal with. Thanks again!