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Feedback for LydiaDeetzinDracosboxers

Feb 20, 2011


      I joined a swap in which LydiaDeetzinDracosboxers was my swap partner. The swap was for our BJDs to trade things for each other.

      Instead, LydiaDeetzinDracosboxers sent ME items instead of my BJD.

      When I offered to send back the items, instead I received a nasty post on the swap thread, as well as not one but TWO nasty PMs, which left me feeling threatened. I admit I panicked after reading them and deleted them instead of reporting them to a Mod like I should have. :doh

      I will never have any dealings with this person.

      I fully expect nasty feedback from this person once they see that I've left this flaky feedback, but if it tells others of my experience and warns them of what could happen, its worth it.

      If you still decide to have dealings with LydiaDeetzinDracosboxers anyway, good luck.