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Feedback for maboroshi

Feb 16, 2011

    1. I sold a doll to her and she was very good with payment and communication! A very good buyer whom I would gladly do business with again. ^^
    2. I sold her a lot of MSD clothes! Payment was fast, communication was great, and she was very patient with shipping times. I'd gladly do business with her again.
    3. maboroshi is a really great customer that I would suggest to anyone! Thank you so much for your business :D.
    4. maboroshi purchased 4 pairs of MSD shoes from me. Communication was great and she paid very promptly! I will definitely deal with her again!

    5. I sold some clothes to maboroshi.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks very very very very much.:aheartbea
    6. I sold some wigs to maraboshi. She was very friendly and the transaction ran very smoothly. I would work with her again.
    7. I sold a Volks F-01 head to maraboshi. She responded to all pms and paid promptly. I highly recommend her.
    8. Just did a great trade with Maraboshi, her 60cm Obitsu for my Crobidoll Kitten Lance body. She was on time, the communication was prompt and friendly, and the packaging was safe and secure! I highly recommend her and would love to do business with her again :D
    9. Paid promptly, and was very kind and understanding of my situation. A great buyer! :D
    10. Maboroshi bought 2 Custom House Bisous and paid promptly, communicated throughout, and was a delightful buyer! Thanks so much!
    11. Maboroshi bought some acrylic eyes from me. ^_^ Great buyer, prompt payment, awesome!
    12. I did a trade with Maboroshi. Her doll arrived quickly and was well packaged. Great communication and very friendly. Thanks : )
    13. Sold some items to maboroshi.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks a lot!^0^
    14. maboroshi bought a wig from me.She paid promptly and great communication.Highly recommended.Thank you!=)
    15. Maboroshi was my swap partner in the doll's best friend swap. She sent so many well-made clothings (such as a super adorable hamster outfit, a lovely cardigan, a headdress, toys and accessories) that suited my doll Cadence really nicely <3 Thank you so so much!
      Absolutely recommended for more swaps and hopefully I'll get you as my partner someday! XD
    16. Mabaroshi participated in my Doll's Best Friend Swap. She communicated well, shipped on time, and sent her partner absolutely adorable items. Highly recommended, and I hope to have her join more of my swaps in the future!~
    17. Maboroshi purchased a MSD Ken from me. Her inquiries were polite and pleasant and payment was made very quickly as promised. All communications were very clear and her replies were quick as well. I'm really glad that the boy is going to someone who really likes him and have more time to play with him then me. Thank you so much for everything and I would definitely do business again with her if I had a chance! :-)
    18. maboroshi purchased a pair of MSD hands from me. Great communication, highly recommended. Thank you!
    19. POSITIVE! I sold her a modded Cherish doll wig. She payed promptly and told me when the wig arrived. She is friendly and kept good communication.
    20. I recently sold a wig to maboroshi, and it was a great transaction! Great communication, prompt payments, and she was very patient with me when it took a bit longer to get the wig mailed due to holiday madness. I was informed when the wig arrived, and I sincerely hope to do business with her again in the future.

      Thanks, maboroshi!