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Feedback for Machina

Oct 4, 2008

    1. love / hate
    2. Comissioned a pair of ox horns and ears as well as some panda ears from Machina. Work was a bit slow, but there was always good communication about the status of things and it's understandable that real life gets in the way. Because Machina does not have a mini doll head on hand, everything was done through measurements and pictures, and from that alone I'm very impressed with how well they fit my boy. Very nice quality and very accomodating and patient to work with. :)

      Thank you! ^_^
    3. I figure that this user will never be back on the forums, but just as a warning to others: I commissioned two pairs of complex horns from Machina back in September or October 2008. I don't remember the exact date since I ended up cleaning out my PMs. Was told that I was put on the list and I was fine with that. Waited and waited, checked back on the commissions thread in November to see that things were being delayed.

      I may or may not have received a PM from the user in regards to this--again, I don't know since I cleaned out my in and outbox. HOWEVER, this user has never afterwards contacted me. I was never given a status update, I was never even told that this person wouldn't finish my commission. Machina completely disappeared.

      If the user reappears, please be cautious when putting yourself down for a commission. It may never get done--and you'll probably never hear back from the person, either.