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Feedback for maddmom

May 30, 2009

    1. Hi there. If I've had any dealings with you and you choose to leave feedback for me, this is the place to do it. Thanks!
    2. maddmom is a super buyer! She just bought an Elfdoll Queen Ellie from me on layway. Great pms and emails, and paid off early. Highly recommended!
    3. maddmom commissioned a faceup from me. She is a joy to work with!
    4. Maddmom commissioned me to do a faceup for her cutie Dollzone Leo. She was a wonderful enthusiastic commissioner and fun to work with! She kept up good communication also. ^^ I'd definitely work with her again.
    5. Maddmom is a superb buyer. She contacted me about a limited Volks Cristal early last week, paid for the doll by Friday, and sent me a follow-up message upon the doll's safe arrival on Tuesday. I am thrilled about her communication and would gladly do business with her again.