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Feedback for MademoiselleLotus

Aug 11, 2010

    1. Please give me feedback here if we have done a transaction. Thank you :-)
    2. I bought a doll from MademoiselleLotus, and the transaction couldn't have been more perfect. Communication was excellent, she shipped promptly, and the doll arrived in perfect condition complete with extra outfit and shoes. I love my new girl so much, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! Buy with confidence from this seller, she's wonderful.
    3. I entered into a trade with MademoiselleLotus and she was exceptionally communicative, honest and truly wonderful throughout the trade. She answered all my questions and worries, and sent her with TONS! (an extra whole box) of goodies! She was the most excellent trade partner i've ever had, and even paid some money for her part of the trade even though she did not have to!
      I would highly highly recommend this seller!
    4. I bought an amazingly beautiful girl head from Mademoiselle Lotus and she arrived so well pack and with extra goodies. Communication was wonderful and I can't wait to complete my other layaway with her.

    5. I bought a doll from mademoiselle Lotus. SHe was so well packed I was stunned and lots of little extras just made the whole thing perfect. Everything smelled clean and fresh. She is a lovely seller, great communications and I would not hesitate to trade again. Thank you !!!
    6. Oh god.

      Perfect transaction.
      Best transaction ever.

      Communication was quick and friendly, shipping was fast and safe. The doll is amazing and came with THREE full outfits which i did not expect at all!!

      Thank you so much!!
    7. I have sold an Iplehouse Cherie to MademoiselleLotus and she is soo fantastic and the best person to deal with!!

      She is very friendly and very fast payment and such a pleasure!! Great transaction!!!

      Highly recommend!! Thank you again for everthing MademoiselleLotus!!!
    8. I've bought a girl's head from MademoiselleLotus. The transaction was perfect. :)
      The head is perfect and was very well packed.
      MademoiselleLotus is a very nice person to deal with.
      Very good communication. I highly recommend her. :D
      Many thanks. ;)
    9. We had ourselves a trade MademoiselleLotus and I~! :D
      Elizabeth was a pleasure to speak, she shipped promptly, the body arrived in perfect condition and with two adorable little dresses! She was also very understanding when I had an issue with shipment. It is my pleasure to recommend her and would gladly do business with her again.
    10. I bought a doll body from MademoiselleLotus.
      It was happy to deal with her. Communication was very pleasant. The body came in perfect condition, good and carefully packed. I get also one beautifull dress and dollmore shoes as an extra gift.

      I highly recommend MademoiselleLotus=))))

      @MademoiselleLotus, Thank you very much!
    11. This is my 2nd purchase from MademoiselleLotus and there is nothing much to say but SHE IS EXCELLENT :D

      I finally managed to be able to own my dream girl :D and she comes with so many beautiful extras. Thank you so so so much <3
    12. Mademoisellelotus is by far the best seller I have ever come across. She sold me a beautiful white skin puki Darjeeling. She arrived in excellent condition AND she came with a darling outfit, wig and two pairs of shoes that I wasn't expecting! I am totally thrilled xxx
    13. Oh you guys! Thank you so much to you all! I'm so happy you're happy! :-) :-) I've been so worried because my internet connection has been down for weeks. I wrote about it in my signature, but I guess you are exactly the same way as I and don't notice what the signature says when we use pm. ;-) I have gotten some email and PM notifications to my email, but when I logged on now, I realize that quite a few didn't show up in the email on my cell phone. So if you read this and I haven't responded to your pm or email the last few weeks, please write me another one, and I will come back to you as soon as possible. And finally I can leave feedback to all my wonderful buyers and the lovely people I've bought and received the cutest dolls ever from! (If you have sold me something or bought something from me and I haven't left feedback for you within tomorrow, please PM me and I will be more than happy to do it, because very transaction I've had here has been truly great!)
    14. Hello,
      Just finished a very pleasant and smooth transaction with MademoiselleLotus.
      Good communication and prompt payment.
      Thank you so very much.
    15. An absolute dream to trade with! Thanks so much for your fast payment & friendly PM's. Enjoy sweet Melody x
    16. MademoiselleLotus was very friendly, open, and honest in our transaction. There had been a bit of a mix-up due to a few factors, but MademoiselleLotus went above and beyond the call of duty to make everything right. Her sense of business ethics is more than excellent, and I wish I could get the same level of service when shopping at my city's stores (I won't hold my breath on that one, though). If I ever have the opportunity to conduct business with her, again, I would do so in a heartbeat! She's trustworthy and worth trading with.
    17. I purchased a doll and an Unoa faceplate from MademoiselleLotus. I purchase the doll via layaway and communication was always excellent and quick! My packages arrived safely and well packed and she even sent gifts along with them ^^ I had a real pleasure working with her and I'd love to have another transaction again. She helped me find my dream doll and I really appreciate it <33

      Thanks so much!
    18. I bought two dolls from MademoiselleLotus and it a very pleasant transaction. Communication was swift, the dolls were sent quickly, well packed and with several gift items with them.
      Thank you very much for two wonderfull little boys!
    19. I have just received my Nostalgic Dahlia from Mademoiselle Lotus and couldn't be happier! Despite truly dreadful email problems on her end, she took care to let me know, every step of the way, what was going on-recommend her highy to everyone. No better seller around-and Dahlia, aka Matilda, is even more gorgeous in person. Thanks, Elizabeth, so much, for working with me-I truly appreciate all that you did.
    20. Sold a wig to MademoiselleLotus. Everything went perfectly. Thank you!